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Soon to be rider!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Henriqueee, Feb 9, 2015.

  1. Just wanted to extend a greeting to all existing/new riders!

    Got my L's some time ago, but only recently had the free time to have a couple sessions. Now all I can think about is what I want (can afford) to buy for first ride. I think I've got a lot of self learning to go and next step would be to buy a bike.

    Any new rider/buyer advice is appreciated?!

    I've been looking at getting a used, 2010+ hyosung gt250 efi, I like the body shape of them and it seems really affordable to me, being able to buy for around 3k in great condition. Anyone else gone down this same path? Or should I really be spending more $$ for something better, considering its only my first year really.
  2. Gday, yep there is a reason they are cheap. Have a good look around, see what you can get for your money, theres plenty of threads here on the subject.
  3. Welcome to the forum! Good luck in the search for your bike!
  4. Welcome to the addictive world of riding and to NR.
    Some great advice/tips is given on NR!
  5. Welcome mate, my 2c would be that for about $1k more you're starting to see Ninja 300's available and they would be 2012 models. Great bike and I would imagine a lot better reliability and build quality as well.
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  6. Ninj 300 is a fabulous starter bike and so much fun and very forgiving.
    You can hurl the ninj around corners and very responsive bike.
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  7. welcome aboard :] as others have said have a good look here and on bike sales etc to see what you can get
  8. thanks all for the input. trying hard not to make any rush decisions but the urge to buy a bike asap is eating me alive! I have seen some 300 Ninjas around the place, but not too sold on the sports body type that they are. Starting to realise that being picky and buying cheap don't go hand-in-hand.
  9. Yup glad you've realized that! Take your time, you'll have 3 years at least on this ride is imagine, so don't rush in, go test ride a heap of bikes if you can and see what tickles your fancy. P.s the ninja300 is coming out in a naked version soon (already?)...
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  10. It is? Noooooo...
  11. You'd like one?
  12. Welcome. I had this dilemma not long ago and reading the various threads on NR saw me make the right decision rather than a very big mistake.

    Sit on as many bikes as you can and remember to sit in the riding position. That's what led me to my first ride. I then found one 2 years old in mint condition for half the new price which means I won't cry when I drop it. Which I haven't yet because it was the right choice.
  13. Might have but I do like the sports model...I want to buy every bike at the moment...well almost:wacky:
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  14. Thought you were trading up this year? You know, Diavel or similar...
  15. Yep nov 26 to be exact...was offered a great deal on a non-lams striple, and had all but agreed to go ahead.
    Got talked out of it by the wise voice of experience and now have a list with about 5 likelys but it will be narrowed down.
    Depends on whether Wasabi gets put up for adoption or not as to final $$$ but without a wasabi trade would looking to spend about $20k on a new bike OR.
    Impatient to try something else with a bit more grunt...sorry wasabi-I have the throttle out to the stop a lot lately and I am finding lack of torque when overtaking disconcerting...my bad.
  16. Well you should try a Shiver to get you all torqued up! Problem would be height I reckon! :arghh:
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  17. Yep always always the height...anything I get will have to be lowered and performance not affected by the lowering...not sure about the apr...didn't make my list sorry:cat:
    But don't let that stop you 'torquing'...oh dear.
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  18. Now that Kawasaki Z300 looks SICK!! Unfortunately the only option with that one would be to buy new at ~6k.... back to the drawing board for me
  19. Sorry - my bad! Forgot the budget for a moment...
  20. Finance for me would be fairly easy to secure.. Considering I'm purchasing a first ever bike, and still relatively new to riding, would the jump to a 300 or 500 LAMS bike be the best approach?