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Soon to be rider in Sydney!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by onetonnesam, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. Hello everyone,

    Although my pre-learners course at Clyde is still a month away I have been reading as many threads as possible on this site and searching up on prices of second hand bikes!

    Never been on a bike before (except as a pillion passenger) but I can't tell you how keen I am to get my license sorted out and to get on a bike, even just for short trips around the 'burbs!

    I am turning 35 this year, so sometimes I think my mid life crisis is kicking in early maybe? I do like the thought of wind in my hair motoring though, but I'd never get my wife's permission to spend 50K on a two seater convertible, but I do have approval to spend about 10% of that on a bike!

    Great and information forum by the way, everyone seems to be most helpful and informative. I have learnt so much already from this site.

  2. Welcome Aboard Sam !!!
    You'll find many Guys, and Girls, finding their footpegs later in life.
    I only began riding last year at the tender age of 46 :p

    Well Done, Be Safe & Enjoy
  3. Welcome to NR

    Feel free to come and join us out at the Fiddler on a Saturday
  4. Welcome Sam.

    +1 on what Matrix says....you'll have more than a few laughs with us.

    Hey maybe you can talk the misses into getting her licence too....the more the merrier :grin:

    Be patient in the meantime & hopefully we see you around soon.

  5. Thanks a lot folks, and yes I'd be keen to join you for a drink/ride (but maybe not both at the same time) as soon as I get my license and bike!

    Kim - she is actually going to do the pre-learners course after me, so we'll see if she gets into it! In which case I have to get a bike we can share initially . We've already sat on a few bikes at Bikebiz at Parramatta and the 250 Virago was the only one she felt vaguely comfortable sitting on...
  6. For what it's worth, I'd go for the biggest bike you can get - I have met quite a few riders who are worried at first as they have never ridden before and go for the 250 only to be looking for a bigger bike within 6 months.

    I was very much like that - @49 decided I wanted to ride and was going for the 250.

    A real good mate said "the 650 will feel big at first but after a week or so, you'll be fine".

    I'm so glad I listened to him. I have the XVS650 Yamaha and love it. I took my test last week on a hired 250 and it felt so small and light and lacked the HP to be comfortable on the freeway, open road etc.

    There are lots of 250 cruisers (Virago) on the market because people buy them and then want to go bigger soon afterwards.

    Remember that the least number of purchases you make before you get the bike you want, the less it will cost you...!

    The 650 feels so "easy" now that, after going for a ride last Sunday with a group of 18 bikes of all shapes and sizes, I'm seriously looking to go to an 1100 or 1300.

    I'm so glad I listened to my mate - if not, I'd be looking to get out of the 250 after only 6 months and trying to justify the loss of the $1,500 as "the cost of learning to ride".

    Either way, good luck with the test. Don’t stress over it as they give you all the advice you need and once you pass, the feeling is great
  7. Welcome

    Sounds like you need to get yourself a designated rider so that when you have a few too many you can just be pillion - ever seen Men in Black II?

    Or perhaps the police will turn a blind eye toward you if you have a few too many coffees, although I know it is best not to drink and ride!

    Have fun.
  8. Hi

    Hi - I'm doing it in Clyde too :)
    What days are your training on?
  9. Welcome mate and don't worry about the mid life crisis feeling mate....once you start riding you forget all about it and start looking for a new job, missus, abode........ :LOL: :LOL:

    Plenty of meetings and organised rides once you're on two wheels :grin:
  10. Re: Hi

    ac17 - I'm booked in for 24/25 May. I could have got an earlier session at Rouse Hill but I purposefully delayed this so I can make sure that this wasn't one of my impulsive decisions. :)

    Nivek - thanks for the tip - I've just gotta get approval for the extra funding from the CEO of this house. Actually I had my heart set on a *gulp* Hyosung GV250 but then a 250 Virago then VTR250s started looking good. Your post started me thinking on XVS650 as well...but the financial reality is the budget for the bike itself is going to be pretty much locked in at 5K (just for the bike) so I'll keep up the research until I actually get my license.

    steve2909 - cheers mate - but that's not gonna help secure extra funding for my bike purchase!
  11. Hey - let me know how you found it - I just did mine in Clyde on Mon/Tues :)
  12. then there is caz from VIC who has dopne over 50,000km oin hers, and still loves the beast, she does alot of highway kays as well and not had any real problems except for maybe the lack of power
  13. Welcome,

    I did my Ls at HART two weeks ago; first time back on a motorbike in 20 yrs. The learner course is a great start; you should be fine. As for a first bike, I went for the Suzie GS500 - and love it! Plenty of torque and definitely not boring!

  14. Re Bike course (onetonnesam)

    Hi onetonnesam

    Let us know how you went on your course this weekend. Any feedback for future course participants. Will we see you on a ride soon?

    I went on my first Netrider ride today. You will certainly be made to feel welcome so be sure to come along when you get your bike.

  15. Well fasteddie, I hope you enjoyed yourself, and yes I look forward to coming on one of these learner rides. Sounds like a pretty well organised event and a safe environment to tag along with, so yes I'm keen - as soon as I have my bike and get my confidence up with some practice!

    In regards to the pre-learners course, I'm glad to report that I passed, but this feeling of satisfaction is mixed with some sadness for two fellow attendees who were not given their green pieces of paper.

    For future course participants, here is a summary of what I can recall we went through - although I guess you can try searching the forum, ask a question here or try to PM me and I'll see if I can answer you soon!

    Day 1 involved fundamentals like mounting and dismounting a bike, location of controls, how to start/kill the engine, and doing "laps" of a marked track (a big rectablge with rounded corners) to practice turning, head positioning and posture when riding.

    In case I did not mention it, I did the course at Clyde - right underneath the James Ruse drive offramp and what I think was the westbound lanes of the M4. Looking up between the two, one is amazed at the safety (?) net they have placed between the two - not to catch people falling but to capture the rubbish presumably thrown out windows of passing vehicles. This location means that it is quite noisy in the background, and you to breathe lovely car and bike fumes for the duration of the course.

    I was quite surprised at the number of females (at least 50%) and the ethnic mix of the people who turned up to the course. In the same way that the Olympics bring the world together, or how the internet facilitates a global p0rn network, it appears that the desire to ride a bike unites humanity, not matter what gender, what creed. I must admit there was a seriously hot Polish chick in my group who looked pretty cool straddling the bike, even it was only a CB250. The same way some chick guitarists have that "I'm just so f*cking cool I'm hot" look about them. Oops, I'm rambling on, my apologies.

    I had an instructor who was a very funny guy, but I think he sometimes forgot that he had been riding bikes for years and we were all noobs - and expressed his disbelief at us not being able to perfectly execute all manouevres first go. However, he did have a good sense of humour and told us many anecdotes of personal experience continually reinforcing the messages:

    1) that we are responsible for our own safety on the road; and
    2) assume that all other car drivers on the road cannot see you.

    Day 1 also included front versus rear brakes, and I think gear changes (did not go above second gear though).

    Day 2 was more fun because we got to actually ride a bit more. Some theory around "roadcraft" followed by riding examples. More safety messages about braking and reaction distances and doing slow corner turns, and braking exercises. It finished with a simulated road practice - we had to merge, indicate to turn, do a tight slow corner, stop at a stop sign and take off etc...made me realise I don't think I'll be able to ride my first bike home Bikebiz and that I should get it delivered.

    I enjoyed the course immensely and found it very worthwhile. A colleague at work (who got his bike license a long time ago) told me that in his day, he rode his bike to local cop shop to do the test for the license and even when he failed it the first time, he had to ride the bike home anyway! It is a credit to Australian that we now have these types of taxpayer subsidised courses to at least train people with the basics of riding before letting them loose on society.

    My wife is booked in for July at the same venue - hopefully she'll enjoy the course even if she doesn't choose to continue with her license.

    Lastly, thanks for reading if you have got down to here!
  16. Welcome, comrade :cool: Congrats on the new yellow plates. Out of curiosity, why didn't the other two pass?

  17. Hello Peaches,

    Incidentally they were a couple who both failed. She was going for the automatic license but was told to try again because she lacked fundamental skills like staying upright and turning properly. Afterwards she explained that she only learnt to ride a pushbike in the last couple of months as well. The other person who failed was her boyfriend. He was going for a manual license but he admittedly had hardly driven manual car and he was going OK but he stalled way too frequently for the instructor to give him a pass. On the bright side, he was told he could repeat Day 2 training for free of charge to get him over the line.

    I'm booked in for the theory test at Wynyard (Sydney) on Friday arvo - wish me luck!
  18. Got my L's today (ashamed to say needed two attempts, even though I have been driving in Sydney for 15 years) and off to BikeBiz tomorrow morning! yay!

    A very important tip for those doing their pre-learners at Clyde.

    There are no cafes or shops around and they only have a drinks and snacks vending machine at the training school. Of course, I ate potato chips and drank Coke purchased through the vending machines for lunch on both days.
  19. Well done. No shame in 2 tries. As another mid-thirties guy getting into road riding for the first time I know how exciting it is getting your bike. Are you still looking at getting the Virago?
  20. Good on ya and welcome to NR, hope to see you at some rides and stay safe. Tom