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Soon to be newbie in Melbourne :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Rtech, Dec 27, 2013.

  1. Hi guys,
    Been lurking for a while now and finally pulled the trigger and booked my learners for early January. Met a girl a few months ago that rides and decided how sweet it would be to go riding with my girlfriend when she gets a new bike next year. Grew up with a Ducati 916 poster on my wall but when i was younger my parents always said if i get a bike, they will kick me out. Been out of home for a while now so that solves that issue. I hope they don't mind that i used the xmas cash they gave me to book my learners haha. Looking forward to meeting some of you guys when i get my L's and a bike in January.

  2. Hello and welcome Matt :)
    Good luck with the Ls and finally getting a bike.
  3. Welcome to NR , Matt !
  4. Thanks guys :) Weird feeling being a forum newbie again after being on my main other ones since 2004 haha.
  5. ^^ there are some really good , helpful people on here with lots of useful knowledge . Fair to say that there are also some that aren't . Spend some time here and you'll work it out soon enough :D
  6. Yeah its the same with every forum on the interwebs. Just got to follow the golden rules of forums. 1 Search before posting and 2. Don't take the bait... haha
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  7. Good luck mate, got my learners at 17 and 9 months the first day I legally could. I was hooked as soon as they let me start the bike hehe............13 years later and onto bike 4 I still love it.........:)
  8. Haha nice work! I'm 29 though. I call this my 1/3 life crisis :)