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Soon to be new Sydney rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by PeteH80, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. Hi All

    Thought i should introduce myself because i will probably be lurking around for a bit.

    My name is Pete, looking at getting my L's soon, hopefully within the next couple of months.

    Thought i would come and have a look around here and get some ideas, tip... whatever really.

    Hopefully will be buying my brothers Honda Spada off him as my first bike, if i dont will probably look at a Suzuki GS500.

    First choice would be the Spada, he fixed it up when he bought it so i know it runs well, also it will be a bit cheaper which will allow me to spend a bit more on the gear i like.

    I live in Stanmore in the city, will probably use the bike for the commute to work occasionally (well once a week at least), and then just taking trips here and there. I dabble in a bit of photography and thought it might be a good way to get out and about.

    Hopefully make some new friends along the way too

    Anyway..... Hi Everybody
  2. Welcome Pete.

    If you try to get your L's at St Ives on the 9th July I'll be there :D

    You ever ridden before?
  3. Welcome!
    Don't forget to check out the Sat Learner meet ups in Homebush too...
  4. Thanks guys

    Nicko, i used to ride trail bikes a lot in my younger days, parents have 5 acre property so used to be out riding every afternoon. so i have a bit of experience on a bike. it has been a while since i last rode, and i have no on road experience.

    devochka (cool name BTW), yeah i saw the threads about the learner rides at Homebush, so if all goes well i will try and get out there a few times.
  5. welcome pete :D
  6. Welcome. I always get a good feeling when I read these threads, "Oh great, more people are getting into riding!!"
  7. Welcome in Pete, more SydneySiders woo
  8. Aaaaaaand another Pete!

    Welcome mate.
    Fun Ha!
  9. Ok well i booked in for the Pre Learner Rider Training, was hoping to do it at Botany, but they had hardly any sessions, so i will be doing it the weekend of 17/7/10 at Clyde.

    Fingers crossed it wont rain that weekend!
  10. Onya Pete and welcome.

  11. oh, ya doing the course mid july (few days after my bday) sweet as :D good luck hun! xx hols
  12. Thanks for mentioning your birthday, just remebered that i booked it right near my mates 30th, i changed it to the following weekend now
  13. Welcome Pete, I reckon you might stand out a bit in Stanmore if you don't get a scooter.
  14. Welcome Pete. I'm in Enmore (next to Stanmore) and have just reclaimed my testicles by adding a GSX650F to the Vespa in my yard. If you want to go for a ride when you get your L's, I'm not a quick rider and happy to go for a spin.

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  15. I reckon there is heaps more availability now compared to what there was last year.

    Last year (or late 2008) i couldnt get anywhere in Sydney for months. Had to go to the central coast. This time I could get one 2 weeks time.

    Eh, maybe it was just the season.
  16. No chance of me getting a scooter, i dont actually see that many around my area to be honest.

    Thanks for the offer, yeah ill let you know, it probably is a couple of months off before i get my bike anyway. Nicko convinced me to bite the bullet and at least go and do the pre learner course asap. dont worry, im not a quick rider either!

    Nicko, i was surprised to see that Botany had no other sessions other than a couple of sat/sun session at 5pm!. i would have preferred botany, but i didnt really want to do an evening session, so opted for Clyde with 12.30pm- 4pm sessions sat/sun.

    My old man works at clyde, hope he doesnt spot me, i havent told my folks i am getting my bike license yet, they were overly impressed when my brothers told them they got theirs. Ill get my L's then let them know me thinks.

    Thanks for the welcomes guys, ill keep you posted on how i go, you will no doubt see a few thread/posts start popping up from me.
  17. Welcome in Pete. We'll be seeing you around no doubt :)
  18. Just wanted to post an update

    I changed my booking for the learners course to this weekend. Was going to do it later in the month but a spot opened up earlier and to be honest i didnt want to wait that long, so i changed my booking.

    hopefully weather will be as good as last weekend
  19. HiDee HoDee & Welcome!
    Good luck with your course and the best tip I can give, other than the easier said than done one of relax, is have FUN.