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Soon to be new rider

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by brownie, Jun 25, 2006.

  1. Hi all,
    I came across this website a few weeks ago when I first decided to get my L's. It is a fantastic resourse for those who don't have a lot of prior knowledge of bikes. Keep up the good work everyone!

    I am looking at getting a 1992 Suzuki Across for my first bike (I have a friend selling one cheap). Is there anything I should look out for on this bike? I'm about 6' tall and over 100kg's, so would this suit someone of my stature?

    Other than the Across I was thing of a trail bike with road tyres as has been mentioned in these forums. What models should I be looking at there?
  2. welcome, I'm not too good with bike specifics but as alot of people say, go sit on as many as you can till you find one that is the most comfortable for you.

    Personally, I found the cb250 that they use in the l's training quite tiresome on my wrists. Whether it was because I was nervous I don't know, but my sportsbike feels much more comfortable for me (i'm 6 foot and 90kgs).
  3. hi mate... as with everyone... sit on every bike that you might think is in there iwth a chance... then sit on a few others as well.... i sat on and rode a heck of a lot of bikes before i settled on the ZZR250.... just felt right for me.... easy riding position and nice and forgivig for us newer riders :) also like the KLR250 road/trail for its easyness to ride.. jsut get on and go.. was great... but i liked the sportier feel ;) i'm 6'1 and 70kg if that helps too.... i found that the across didnt fit my legs properly when riding... but yeah.. try as many as you can... for learning and early riding the more uprighted postion is better i think... but definitely get your licence and ride away!!!! try as many shops and bikes as you can before you buy one... biggger shops are best.. they used to people test riding an not as pushy to make you sign something that day too....

    good luck in it all :)
  4. oh, be ready for manbag jokes haha

    anyway welcome to the club. the across is a much hevier bike it will suit your stature well, but just try out other bikes just for the hell of it :)
  5. i'd definitely get a test ride on it... things like cramped riding position, (lack of) low-end power, uncomfy seat, high pegs, shape of the tank could be things to consider.
    decent bikes though :)
  6. Hi Brownie, Might want to check out the Honda XR250, welcome to the forum. :)