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Soon to be new rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Rbrennan, Aug 5, 2016.

  1. Hi all,

    I've never so much as sat on a bike, but it looks like a bit of fun so I'll give it a go.

    Looking to do my learners course soon, HART in Somerton would be the closest, and I've read nothing but good about them. What are the chances of a completely new rider passing the course first time? I do drive a manual car which may or may not help.

    I plan on heading to Aldi next week to pick up some gear, at least a jacket, maybe more.

    Then start searching for a bike.
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  2. Welcome :cool:

    Can be done as long as you can ride confidently. You know all about gear changes with driving a manual so that will help. Good Luck :)
  3. Welcome :)
  4. welcome to Netrider and two wheels RbrennanRbrennan Beware..... it can get addictive :)
  5. It can be done. I don't know about the Vic course but the NSW course is actually structured under the assumption the person has never ridden a motorcycle before. Although I would suggest that if you haven't ridden at least a push bike recently you might struggle a bit.
  6. I do ride a bicycle around fairly often, hopefully this helps too. It seems like there is no other option but to book in and hope for the best, if not it might get expensive at $400 a try.

    What would be something that would normally cause a new rider to fail the test, or at least struggle with?

    Thanks everyone
  7. From what I can work out from those I know that have failed, the top 3 reasons come down to confidence (too much or too little), no sense of balance, and a basic lack of co-ordination.
  8. Thanks for that, balance and co-ordination shouldn't be too much of a drama, but then it all changes when on top of a something as heavy as a motorcycle I guess.

    I'll just book in and see how it goes on the day, or two.
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  9. That's the best bet. If you fail first time, then so be it. You'll at least know if it's something you really want to do.

    My wife was a little lucky before she did her L's and got the chance to do a 2 day "ladies novice/learners" session at the local go cart track. It cost us $50. After that she was hooked. She still failed her L's the first time around - not enough confidence - the instructor knew she could do it because she'd done it in practice sessions. Blitzed it the second go.
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  10. If you get a bike before doing the test then there are learner sessions in Victoria you can attend that the guys here from NR put on for free. Even maybe just heading down and having a chat and watching/asking questions will give you an idea of what goes on.

    [VIC] - [Saturday] 10am Basic Skills Practice
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  11. Welcome along.
  12. Hey RbrennanRbrennan

    Welcome to NR

    2 years ago, I used HART in Kilsyth for my Learners, then Somerton for my licence (Kilsyth was booked out)
    Happened to ace both tests first time around. Found the instructors firm but fair, although Mark's a laugh and their bikes were in good nick (VTR250 then, CB125 now)

    Self belief is the key, and above all........................You Must Pass The Attitude Test.
    Seem keen, be polite, listen, do what you're told and you'll have no problems.

    All the best.
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  13. Welcome RbrennanRbrennan
    You should be fine. Most of it is easy enough on the weekend. If you drive a manual car then you should be fine with the gear changes.
    Good luck and good hunting.
  14. Welcome to the crazy house and a very expensive all consuming hobby! :) enjoy
  15. Welcome to the forum mate
  16. A good attitude won't be hard to have, I'm looking forward to it.

    Bummer about no more vtr 250s, there are a couple I'm interested inand I would have liked to ride one. Also fond of a gsf250v and a cbr250rr, both people askig a grand. Leaning towards the suzuki, seems like a more relaxed ride.
  17. gday RbrennanRbrennan and welcome to NR - plenty of very cool people here always willing to offer advice, opinions and support!
  18. Well, I had my learner test today and failed. The only error I had was in the emergency brake, stoped 0.8m later than I should have. No other errors, booked in for next week, the instructor was confident I would pass the next time.

    It was still good fun and I'm looking forward to having another crack at it.
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