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(Soon to be) new rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by davegster, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    I've been lurking around for a few weeks now, having recently decided to jump on a bike again after many (many, many, many) years. I grew up riding dirtbikes on farms until my late teens, but nothing since then and after some prompting from my brother I've gotten the bug again.

    So, I'm going in for the pre-learners this week, and booked in to sit the computer test straight after.

    As for a bike, I was in TeamMoto at Blacktown yesterday (for about 4 hours) and got a lot of helpful advice and guidance, so (paperwork and stuff pending) it looks like I'll be jumping on the back of a Yamaha R125 fairly soon :)

    A little excited and nervous about it all, so thought I'd break my cone of silence and jump in here for the first time.

    Now, back to lurking...
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  2. G'day, welcome to the reborn riders association. Curious as to why you would want a 125 though.
  3. you've lurked for a few weeks and not read that time and time again we advise learners to not go for 125's and instead 250's....especially considering you have atleast some previous experience in riding bikes?

    welcome regardless mate....i'd seriously reconsider the 125 if possible...the only way i'd encourage one is if you were 5 foot 2 and weighed 30kgs....or if it was a 2 stroker 125 like the rs125.
  4. Thanks :)

    erm... how about 5'10 and 60kgs? (ok ok, I'm a scrawny little fella) I figured for my size and (lack of) experience, and taking on the riders in the shops advice, it felt like a good choice. Past experience was about 20+ years ago, so I'm still pretty nervous about it all. Could be the sales-person just did a very good job of upselling the 125 over the 15 next to it, but I felt a lot more comfortable on that one than the others we ran through.

    Still, have to go through the paperwork and all before anything happens, so it's not set in stone yet :)
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    Welcome mate!

    +1 for 250cc bike, I currently ride the VTR250 and although I knew it would be too small for me after a short time (I knew I would get use to the power). I wanted a small bike so I can learn to handle it [never ridden before] and step my way through smaller to larger bikes.

    For about 5 minutes I entertained the idea of a Honda CB125e which we used in the pre-learning training, but I'm so happy I went with the 250cc. Unless your a very small person, Go with a light 250cc over the R125 it will very quickly become more of a hindrance to you. If your worried about the 250 being too big of a bike, Go sit on the 500-1000cc bikes in the store then jump back on the 125/250 and you will see they are both pocket bikes in comparison.

    Either way, Don't worry too much. It's all about learning and finding what is right for your riding style... Take our advice with a grain of salt. :)


    I'm 5'10.5" and at my normal weight around 78-82kg

    Have you done your per-learners yet? I would wait until you have done 6 hours on the 125's or 250's they have before you make your choice :)
  6. mate i'm about 5"10 and 65kgs at best....i'd still die inside riding a 125...and I had near no experience riding before getting my license....what suburb do you live in mate?
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    +1 (or +2?) to reconsider getting 125.

    I'm on my L's too. I only rode scooters in my Teens, and from an Asian country. After reading the NR and other Forums, and from my friends advice too, I went for a 600cc LAMS bike, which I plan to de-restrict when I get my Fulls, (or upgrade to a bigger/powerful one).

    BTW, I'm 5'7" and 85Kgs. I'm enjoying my Yammie FZ6R.

  8. I'd suggest do your Ls course before committing to any bike purchase. You may find that your skills, while rusty, may not be as forgotten as you think ... just like riding a bike really :D

    I reckon the 125 will get tedious real quick.
  9. Not yet, booked in this week (Wednesday and Thursday at Rouse Hill)

    I'm over in Pendle Hill :)

    Hehe, I am a bit of a stubborn bugger, and tend to dig my heels in a fair bit, but thinking more about it now :)
  10. You sound very much like me, But I took a compromise between friends telling me to get a 600cc and me wanting something very small (I'm very much a "from first principles" person, I wanted to progress from 125->250->500->etc). But that's not very feasible or realistic. I ended up with a 250cc bike and it's kinda of the best concession. A 250cc is easy to sell and cheap to buy/maintain, they are also cheap if you do end up dropping it. Nothing would hurt more than buying a brand new bike and putting it down due to inexperience. I would also look at picking up something second hand 2-10 years old and spending about $3-5 grand.

    Here is a good start: http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-motorcycles-scooters/pendle-hill-sydney/lams/k0c18322l3003949r50

    Buying a bike second hand has given me a great deal of knowledge (by force) I didn't have before :)
  11. If its gonna be small then it a stroker for sure, you wont be disappointed. I bought mine for a $1500 and bought a whole lotta Tyga gear for it, another grand. But she goes like the clappers.. It all comes down to what you want from your bike. Are u gonna commute with it or is gonna be a weekend thingy?. Do u like fast? These are some of the Q's u need to ask yourself. Everyone has an opinion, just ask anyone here. In fact thats a thread in itsself. Reasons why u bought THAT bike...
  12. 125 = Fail
  13. Thanks :) methinks more questions are in order...