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Soon to be new Rider

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by sty1ee, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Hi guys *does wave*

    Just booked in for my pre learner test.

    Just got a couple of questions.

    I'm looking at getting Ninja 250R as my first bike , anyone that has had or ridden this bike give me any bad/good experiences with it ? I was thinking about getting a 600 But bit out of my price range. Any good sport 250's(dont like the cruisers) that anyone can recommend ? of course they have to be LAM.

    Just wondering how do you guys go with servicing and parts ? whats the average amount for a service and typical cost for parts ?

    Also with the Pre learner test ( I've never ridden before ) what should I expect ? and should I try and get my hands on my riding gear before the test or will jeans and a jacket be good enough ?

    And when it comes to Gear any recommendations ? I was thinking Shark helmet ( I like the fact you can change visors easily ) And Puma boots with maybe alpine gloves / jacket.

    I'm 5'11 - 90kgs and located in Sydney NSW


  2. G'day Lee

    I'll help with the pre-learner stuff.

    Jeans, closed in shoes (no things or sandals) and a long sleeved shirt or jacket will suffice.

    There is no "test" it is basic motorcycle operation skills. Things like how to get on the bike, what the controls are and how to use them, stopping (done from a non-engine push start), starting the bike, taking off, VERY BASIC cornering, emergency stops, signalling, etc... There is also a bit of classroom stuff as well covering things such as road awareness, safety gear, and other things I have forgotten :D

    You have to do something pretty stupid or be exceptionally bad in order to fail the course requirements. Then you'll get a green piece of paper that you can take to the RTA, sit a Driver Knowlege Test, and get your Learner license.

    Have fun!
  3. You can go a 400. There are several 400s sports on the LAMS list. The Honda RVF400 is one of the most powerful LAMS bikes,

    Jeans and a solid jacket is enough. The place will probably provide helmet/gloves. You should enquire to be sure.

    I can't recommend any places in NSW but in Melbourne there are places which do motorcycle accessories in a direct factory outlet kinda way. Generally they're quite a bit cheaper and stock cheaper brands than the bike stores do.

    Shark are good. Pretty much anything is good if its certified, but I'd stay away from anything open face. In a crash with an open face helmet you'll be lucky to just lose your nose and chin..

    What is your planned use for the bike? Daily rider or weekend fund stuff, or somewhere in between?

    Sounds like you'd be better on a 400 then.

    Thats kinda creepy, you have my name, height and weight(roughly)....
  4. Thanks for the help guys :)

    I will probably start off using it as in between then switch to every dayer.

    I went to a couple of stores today to check out some bikes. They all felt ok but you don't get the real feel to you ride it for a while I suppose.

    The suzuki GS500F was good , sounded nice , ride height was ok and well priced.

    The ninja wasn't to bad but I wanted something that weighed a bit more with a bit more power.

    You guys get pulled over much by the cops on your bikes ? Its funny cause when I got my car licence I was only once pulled over and asked "What engine is in this car ?" I have an xr6 ute but always wanted the turbo of course.

    So I'm wondering how much they would pull you over and say "hey is this a LAM bike ?

    Haha that is weird
  5. we can't afford to get pulled over nowadays... better to gun it and go for broke... dammed if you do , dammed if you don't, basically.

    given your weight yeah go 400-650 , just more torque to get your weight of the line.
  6. Im on a 250, am 6'1", and am about 120kg... goes just fine but the clutch bitches sometimes.

    Otherwise, all advice is pretty good. Can recommend you get yourself a set of full fingered gloves though - most of the ones at the place i went to were pretty icky.

    Nothing too stressful, 3 people in my course hadnt sat on a bike before much less ridden one and did just fine :).

    Have only been pulled over by a cop once (other then RBT traps), who was just telling me that my P plate holder had broken off and was swinging. Had some tape in my bag, fixed, kept going.