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Soon to be new rider in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Schwolop, Jul 12, 2016.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm from North East Melbourne, and hoping to pick up a Honda CB400 this weekend and start learning the ropes. I did my learner permit last year so I'll be on the 3 year LAMS, but (if I understood correctly) I won't need to do a check-ride to get my full license.

    Anyway - need the bike and gear first, then will think about some more rider safety courses after slowly crawling around my neighbourhood for a bit.

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  2. You have chosen wisely :]

    Make sure you go along to the weekly rides when you feel comfortable.
  3. Welcome to NR..

    There are quite a few posts re: gear, helmets etc so go through them when you get a chance...

    MCAS, Peter Stevens and AMX are a good places to check gear out...
  4. Welcome mate :cool:
  5. Bikemart is good if you're around Ringwood (it's close to Peter stevens as well). If you're buying the whole kit, they will discount.
    Staff is friendly as well.
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  6. Yea bikemart was where I bought my whole kit when I first started riding a few years ago, they gave me a nice discount, given I was spending so much ;) haven't been back there since though, mainly because AMX and MCAS are closer
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  7. Welcome mate, good choice of bike!
  8. gday SchwolopSchwolop welcome to NR and to the riding community - slow and steady is a good way to start - have fun!
  9. Welcome to the nuthouse. Enjoy the ride.
  10. Welcome aboard :)

    lots of info to be found here.

    As Lazy LibranLazy Libran mentioned MCAS, AMX PS are great places to get your gear.

    Use your google fu to give you an idea of pricing before you go in and don't be afraid to look in the clearance aisles and bargain bins
  11. Yeah..forgot Bike Mart. They're a friendly bunch as well. I've bought a few things from them in the past few months.
  12. Welcome SchwolopSchwolop
    When you feel comfortable on the road be sure to head down to the Elwood learner session.
  13. Howdy & Welcome to NR!
  14. Welcome to NR from Adelaide.
  15. Thanks for the welcome everyone.

    I was intending to get a used bike from a dealer, but I've seen a private sale that looks good too and is far cheaper. However, since I can't really ride properly yet I can't give it a sensible test ride. In the dealer case, there's at least some warranty that it's OK, but would you ever buy a second hand bike without riding it? At this point I'm thinking that paying the newbie tax at the dealership is the better option than trying to save a few dollars...
  16. I always like to ride the actual bike I am going to buy. If you have a license, you could take a biker friend along and you could at least give it a small test ride while he/she could give it a decent one.

    What bike are we talking about, and how much price difference btw dealer and private? Are they similar year and km?
  17. you can probably find someone to test ride it for you if you want.... I purchased my learner bike witha very minimal text ride, and had no issues, but the bike was in great condition to look at, showing evidence of being well looked after. Pm me if you need help.
  18. Welcome to a life long expensive hobby! :) but most enjoyable and you'll get to love it more and more as time goes by SchwolopSchwolop ! Stay upright and go seek out the events that the Viccies do. There's plenty !
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  19. Welcome SchwolopSchwolop! I am a new rider too and I can definitely say you've come to the right place. The expertise, encouragement and friendship of the netriders here on the forums and in person has been an invaluable part of my learning. I've still got a long way to go, but I know the journey will be a great one with the help of good mentors. I also recommend the rider safety courses very highly. Regardless of what state you are in, I recommend accessing as many of these courses as frequently as you can while you are learning. Maybe even book into one now - it's never too early for rider safety training! I've got another course coming up in a few weeks and I can't wait!

    Keep us updated on your progress learning to ride! Look forward to seeing you on the forums!