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Soon to be Mel-ewbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by NuXnug, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, just wanting to say hello,

    Excited about going for my License next week in HART Kilysth and getting into motorcycling

    Was reffered to the forums from a friend. Awesome info and community here. Be a pleasure to be a part.

    Awesome guides, especially buying 2nd hand bikes. Looking into a CBR250RR for my first ride once im licensed and with some gear.
  2. welcome to NR

    have fun , ride safe
  3. hello :grin:
  4. welcome! stay upright and be careful with what cbr's you look at :LOL:
  5. Welcome, mate.

    Lots to learn here but nothing beats getting the kms under you.
  6. Welcome bud.

  7. Welcome to motorcycling generally and NR specifically :LOL:
  8. Hi and welcome to NR.

    Good luck with the licence.
  9. Welcome Aboard !!
  10. thanks everyone for their welcomes.

    Learners was AWesome. Thanks goes out to the course an instructors at Hart Honda in Kilsyth.

    Put a depo on a bike last week..im busting to pick it up this week sometime ^.^
  11. WOW....just picked up my bike today, had a mate ride it home for me.

    Just went for my first ride and im SOOOO STOOKED!. Just rode around the neighbourhood max may'b 60k's, stalled once at an intersection. I think tat was pretti good.

    Refuelled, split fuel on the fairings when the fuel came out of the nozzle when tipping it into the tank ( going to remember to check excess fuel i nthe nozzle next time ) ((Got home and quickly wiped down the fairings with warm water soaked rag, any other tips here?))

    Just want to jump back on it and ride around and a lil' further now ^.^

    Need to work on approaching intersections, and stopping at intersections, preparing to and taking off again. Seems like a juggling proccess with the feet :S