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Soon to be L plater

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by nbayne, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. Hey everyone, happy to have joined a successful Australian motorcycle forum. As the thread title states, I'm not yet a motorcyclist but keener than ever to be one. Counting down the days till I'm legible for my L's. I just thought, why not have everything ready so when the time comes I can spend all free time on my bike.

    I'm looking at a 250 or a 300 for my first bike, typically I'd be happy to be mainstream and buy myself a 300 ninja or a cbr500r.

    Hopefully i can learn everything I need to know, so by the time I'm on a bike i can drive as safe as possible. =D
  2. I hope for what you are hoping for! And welcome to Netrider, have a look around.
  3. Hey there the ninja 250/300s and the cbr500s are both great beginner bikes. Plenty of people on here with both. what is holding you up going to get your L's? A big birthday I presume? There's always something to learn no matter how long we ride but good to see you doing some research into it before you jump on. Enjoy
  4. Thank you very much hornet and Mooney, nothing makes the transition to somewhere new any easier than welcoming and friendly people.
    The reason I'm holding out is a very big birthday, the soon to be 18th. As sad as it is, Victoria is not as fortunate as NSW when it comes to getting your L's at 17.
    Thanks again for the welcome
  5. Welcome Minny218, Fairly straight and open around your neck of the woods. The Murry Valley Hwy gets a bit more interesting once you get past Wondonga. The Devenish Wangaratta rd has a few little twists and tuns as well. Tannick gap is Ok I think from memory but I haven't been that way in a while.

    Good luck with the bike. Slip of the keyboard but you ride bikes don't drive them ;)
  6. Thank you :wacky:, it was a very foolish keyboard mistake and probably the worst place to make it.
    Glad to hear from a motorcyclist that has at least been in the area, in saying that there is a nice hot red Hyosung for sale just around the corner from my house, hopefully he's unsuccessful with business for a little while.
    You wouldn't of by any chance have been up near Bright, as my family have always been travelling to Mt Buffalo, all seasons of the year. This is one route I'm dying to take once I'm on a bike and confident with my abilities.
  7. welcome aboard mate:]
  8. Cheers Jeffco (y)
  9. Done lots of trips from Bright up and over the Alpine way, through Omeo to Bairnsdale sometimes, up and over the Bonang High Plains road and along the Mitta Mitta run but not since that last road was sealed. Fairly wild and wooley out that way so best to have someone to travel with if you are attempting it.

    Geta few more k's under your belt before you attempt it,. Some of the guys here run newbie friendly rides over weekends or longer out that way usually a couple of times a year so keep an eye on the Victorian Ride Announcements thread.
  10. Thank you very much, I will do. :happy: