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soon to be cb400 brisbane member

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ERH90, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. sup everyone not to good with my grammar or this forum stuff but ill give it my best =].

    iv been riding dirt bikes on and off since i was 14ish nothing special just cheap dirty imports always good to learn on though, im now 21 i had owned my gs500 2010 run-out model from new for about 12 months before writing it off on west mount cotton road (hit gravel got sent into fence).
    im now looking for my second bike im pretty set on the CB400 + my gf works at honda so shes ordered in the CB400 SE for me to purchase once my insurance comes through =]. also im still on my lams because i lost my license shortly after purchasing my gs500 not because of my bike but because of prior fines i had received in my ute so it set me back another 6 months =[ and once i got my license back i was forced to hold my p2's for another full year.
  2. Welcome to NR! CB400 is a brilliant bike, I had one as a loan bike and I wanted to keep it. :D Hopefully see ya out on a ride one day.
  3. oath cant wait =]
  4. Ahoy, welcome. :) Does that mean you get the bike cheap? :p
  5. Welcome to NR, CB400 is a great bike, I got mine just 2 weeks ago and have very nearly put 800kms on her.
  6. Welcome to NR :)
  7. Good choice of bike and good luck keeping the licence!
    Welcome in mate.