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Sook: New rear tyre for me

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Loz, Dec 12, 2005.

  1. I had a brilliant weekend - my brother got married in Lorne, of all places, so I got the chance to do about 6 runs up the GOR from Lorne to Wye River and back again in between things I had to be back in town for.

    Then I got bullshitting to a bloke down at the cafe on a heavily modded ZX6R. I had a quick look at his rear tyre (inch-wide chicken strips, heh heh) and told him how much I was liking my new Diablo Strada hoops. Then as I went to show him, I noticed a hooked bloody nail poking out of my rear tyre, right in a cut part of the tread, and hissing when it was touched.


    I limped back into Melbourne after emptying a can of servo puncture-fix goo into it, and the blokes at Bob Jane reckon it's unrepairable.

    So it's a new rear Strada for me, with the old one just 3000k old. Not happy, Jan.
  2. Yeah, why is it they NEVER get a nail in them when they're nearly bald and ready to be thrown away?

    {Rhetorical question, please, my computer is playing up and I couldn't absorb a technical explanation :D}
  3. The blokes who will be selling you a new tyre?

  4. I was told tyre joints generally don't attempt a repair after you use the gooey stuff. Any truth to that?
  5. I know they hate the mess that stuff makes.
  6. Geez, I hope not. Holed my rear on Friday night and went the tyre goo in the can. Didn't actually seal the hole, so maybe it is pharced. Had to call for a pick up, thank you to the friendly dude from MTS.
  7. Yeah it was pretty damn messy, but it got me back home and I still even enjoyed the twisties up through to Dean's Marsh, even at a reduced speed.

    It's only a slow leak but by this morning the tyre was back to being flat again so I gooed it up again and took it in.

    Moike, I guess there's not much you can do if they tell you it can't be repaired. I'm a bit annoyed my usual guy wasn't there, I trust him and he's always been good to me. Either way I've got them to order in a new rear for me and hopefully I'll get the chance to talk to my usual guy again and get him to fit it. He might have something to say about the punctured one too.

    For the moment I'm back onto an old BT020 that he kept for me from the last time I changed rubber. It's still got a fair few k's left in it, so there'll be no huge rush to get the new diablo on.
  8. I was told the chemicals cna have an adverse effect on long term tyre life and are only to get you out of trouble...

    Mind you i asked my mate who works at Beaurepairs and he just shrugged his shoulders and made the I-unno noise...

    And for the record my mini bike tyre has been held up by goo for the past 9 months :p so who knows...
  9. Heh cheers Dan,

    I reckon super-sticky race tyres are probably a bit off the mark for a daily commuter... If I got out more at the weekends or had some trackdays booked, I might think about it.
  10. my machanic, in footscray repairs tires on cars, he has for me in the past and it works fine, i don't know the difference between cage tires and bike tires, if your interested then send me a pm, I'd image it would cost abt $30 to repair.
  11. I had a set of these on for the tassie trip (on a gixxer 1k).. I got about 3000k's from the rear (changed yesterday) and the front still looks ok.

    Great tyres, just don't expect them to last...