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Sony PSP vs Nintendo DSi?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Bluesuede, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. Well I came across a couple of my old Nintendo Game and Watches when I was going through some of my old stuff - Donkey Kong and Octopus - in excellent condition and still in boxes with instructions and so on. Was going to pick up some batteries and hand them over to the kids...and then saw how much they were worth now on ebay :LOL: Decided I might just sell them instead :grin:

    Anyway I was thinking of getting a new handheld gaming console as I have a collection of gift cards for Myer courtesy of my employer thanking me for 10 years of service shortly before telling me I won't be needed any more.

    I was wondering what people thought of the PSP versus the DS, and which one is the better buy. The DSi is about to come out in a matter of days so I figure I'd be going with that one rather than the DS - cost of the DSi and the PSP seems to be on a par.

    I'm aware one of the biggest selling points for many on the PSP series was the hackability and the ability to run homebrew software and of course *cough* download iso's and play them rather than having to buy games - but from what I can see nobody has managed to hack the firmware on the 3000 series yet. Similarly there seem to be cartridges around that you can slot a memory card into with homebrew software or games loaded onto for the DS series. I think there appears to be some new ones popping up that suit the DSi.

    But with regards to "playability", having not used either before, which one is superior? With the larger screen is the PSP the winner? There appears to be more software around for the DS, but graphics from what I've seen from screenshots appears to be better on the PSP? I'll be the primary user, although my fiancee will use it as well and I'll give the kids some rather limited use at this point (prefer to see them playing outside or reading). Not at all interested in using the PSP to watch movies on by the way.

    Battery life? Hardware faults?

    After some opinions on what is the better one to buy! Cheers.
  2. We have a DS, not the DSi but saw that in Parramatta.
    Depends on what sort of games you want to play.
    DS is good for the brain training games and similar.
    Found it pretty hard to play fighting type games. The touch screen interface gets in the way of button mashing..

    17% bigger screen on the DSi as well over the DS.
    my 0.00000001c

    <edit>has good battery life - quite a few hours and no hardware faults yet </edit>
  3. my mrs bought me a PSP when the pretty much 1st came out, i havnt touched it since, still sitting in its box :shock:

    partly my fault she bought it, cause when i want something, i usualy get it (sometimes) :)
  4. I've got a DS & from what I understand the graphics of the DSi will be the same, just with a bigger screen, a camera & music playing ability. So the DSi is nearly as advanced as my mobile phone:roll:

    How old are the kids? If they're a bit younger they might appreciate the DS more than the PSP, but if they're getting toward teenage years the PSP might be more their style.

    PSP plays movies, music etc. DSi will have music, but the graphics are still the same, AFAIK.

    There are homebrew apps for the DS, don't see how the DSi would be any different.

    I'm a lefty too, so getting the stylus out of the right hand side of the DS then swapping it to my other hand can be a biatch, especially in the middle of a game. It's probably fine if you're right handed though...

    Bear in mind, I play ganes like Sonic & Mariokart on my DS, not exactly cutting edge! I think the PSP has a lot more advanced games.

    Hope this helps!
  5. I'll take Donkey Kong if you're getting rid of it Blue! Oh the memories! :cool:
  6. It all depends on your likes dislikes. DS is great for kid training games as said, also great for RPG fans and tycoon style games (also sims). PSP is good because its a portable PS2 pretty much, Also great for RGPs, fighting games. Fairly easy to get the homebrew, downloaded games for both for which versions are 'hackable'.

    My personal fav is DS, mainly because my wife has one and I play it at times. Either purchased will be hours of fun :)
  7. i've had both
    long story short

    DS = fun games you can pick up and put down during short stints of time, lots to pick from
    PSP = more involved games, but less to pick from
  8. Hmmm so what I'm hearing is it depends on what games I want huh? lol where are the fanatical "You have to get the X because the Y is crap" comments so typical with console discussions? :LOL:

    Looking into it further I guess the PSP has mostly a smallish range of cut down versions of standard console games rather than PSP platform specific ones. I reckon I'd rather play those sort of games on my 360...hmmm. I think I've pretty much decided to pick up a DSi when they are released on Friday - half the appeal is the similarity of the physical unit to the old Game & Watch units I admit...but there seems to be more options for the kids as well.

    Thanks for the input guys :)

    Oh and Dougz - I'll think about how much I'm really likely to get rid of my Donkey Kong...if I decide to sell it I'll let you know. :grin:
  9. if you have or intend to have a PS3 down the track, you can synch your PSP to it
  10. If you intend to have a Wii down the track, you can sync your DSi to it.

    That & everyone knows Sony is a huge pile of dogsh1t. :LOL:
  11. :LOL: @ MV
  12. I have always thought the quality of games available on nintendo consoles (inc handheld) are far way and above what Sony had to offer. Battery life on the DS is GOOD - several hours play on one charge. I think it's lighter too. The drawback about the DSi is that it loses the GBA slot that the DS has (so you can play old gameboy advance games) but if you don't have any GB games I guess that doesn't matter.
    Just in terms of the games you can pick I would pick the DSi, definitely. But then I'd just pick the DS instead of DSi.
  13. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  14. what's funny? :p
  15. Cheers thanks for that. Made my decision and went and picked up a DSi at its launch this morning. Seems pretty cool.

    Oh and I discovered if you get an AceKard 2i you can still play gameboy roms as well as DS roms off a mini SD card ;) Ordered one of those as well.
  16. Gabi forced me to buy a DSi today. I spent money on games, a cover, a screen protector and there will be more money she will suck out of me in the near future.

    I hope that she teaches me how to play High School Muscial 3 woo hoo!!!! Maybe I should also play "Imagine - Movie Star". There were other cool girly games as well but my VISA hit the wall.

    How can a 10 year old girl con me like that? I never had stuff like that. I looked at the Sony stuff just briefly. The games were more expensive but I don't think that they were better.

    Anyway, I was so naive about games consoles like DS Lite, DS, DSi and PSP2. I wished Gabi never make me aware of them.

    I guess it's her birthday soon and she did survive nippers this year. I won't buy her another DSi game unless she decides to play another sport.
  17. OT, but I would totally recommend the doco "The King of Kong" if you are a fan. There are *cough*torrents*cough* out there if you are that way inclined.

    Those guys take it so seriously I actually consider it a comedy LMFAO.

    King of Kong (or Billy vs. Steve, basically), is an excellent film about a rivalry that says a lot about competition in our culture. The movie portrays Billy, the Donkey Kong Champion, doing everything in his power to keep his record and to deny Steve Wiebe (wee-Bee) the title of world record holder in Donkey Kong. Steve is an outsider in this culture where Billy is an icon, and at first there are people within the video game community who do not want him to succeed. It becomes kind of a struggle between good and evil, as the powers that be try to hold down those not in power. Suddenly, Steve is the guy you're rooting for, if only just to beat that smart-ass Billy. It is a journey that takes you through the darker and seedier side of the video game revolution of the '80s. If it seems silly to be writing about such weighty issues of good and evil when a movie is about a video game, watch the movie: it really does the job of making you care about what happens to these odd, fascinating people.