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Sony action cam

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by christrails, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. Sup,

    this is probably in the wrong section but someone could point me in the right direction.

    With the little knowledge we know so far about it and the small amount of footage like this;

    Do you think that the Go pro's and the Drift's will be challenged by this new camera?

    What do you think about the camera so far? Will you be buying it?

    What does it have over the other cams out?
    Carl Zeiss lens
    Onboard wifi
    Small form factor
    Priced the same as the others @ $399 AUD (with accessories)

    Let me know, I am very interested in finding out how many people are excited for this!

  2. 100$ more than US prices?

    typical sony bullshit, i bet it uses proprietary sony memory cards too.
  3. The prices always are, the go pro 2 is $100 more here as well.

    It doesn't use the sony memory cards either, although you can.
  4. Either those are some expensive accessories, or Sony is screwing Australian customers on price again.

    This article:
    cites a price of just US$200 for the standard version, and US$270 for the wifi enabled version.

    I'd be checking overseas websites before buying from a local shop, that's for sure.
  5. better be quick cause the gov will be putting a stop to that soon
  6. herd about this, the government taxing online purchases ><
  7. Looks good, hopefully it holds up when dropped, looks like good form factor as well. Hopefully it has a decent battery in it.
  8. Go on here http://www.sony.com.au/productcategory/cam-action-cam

    also the camera by itself is $299 AUD i'm not sure what it includes though;



    Refer to image above ^

    Only thing I'm worries that because of no product reviews out, we wont know if it can withstand falls like the go pro and the like can. It's a 3 hour battery like the go pro in 720p 60fps mode apparently.
  9. Looks the goods, however yes we will be paying for the Sony name.
    Why would you buy a Sony or even a GoPro when the Liquid Image 727 Ego is just as good, with built in Wifi streaming, and $199 regular price?
  10. Never heard of it before.

    EDIT: looked it up, doesn't look so bad although I don't like how it is attached to the goggles, or am I wrong?

    EDIT2: Camera angle is apparently a problem :S

    I like flexibility i.e not having to use if only for vlogging or recording bike videos
  11. You are thinking of Liquid Image's goggle cameras, they are a little bit more expensive but still not bad, would be perfect for hard core enduro riding vids.
    I am talking about the brand new just released Liquid Image Ego 727 that was first announced august (or earlier) last year.
  12. Why in a world with go pro's, drift's, sony action cam's and etc would I go with something cheaper and less functionality. Price for these is the same in Australia, I don't understand why people get mad at this?

    We are a small market segment, so they can mark up their price if they want because our government is stupid and taxes everything.

    Reason why I haven't bought the go pro yet, is its weird shape. I hate that fuvking shape seriously. The drift didn't attract me like the go pro did, but had that size I liked and the sony cam has both, it attracted me and is that shape I like.

    Each to their own, I did say I wanted feedback, so what would you guys purchase out of all of the current and future cams?

    Rank your camera below; Mine will be in the next post

    Functionality out of the box:
    Attachments out of the box:
    Price of attachments:
    Compatibility / flexibility:
    Any other thoughts:

    Rank your camera below;

    Size: Sony action cam and Drift
    Price: Draw
    Functionality out of the box: Sony action cam
    Attachments out of the box: Go Pro 2
    Price of attachments: Drift
    Compatibility / flexibility: Go pro and Sony cam
    Any other thoughts: Wifi out of the box with the sony. Go pro's price on things that are standard on other camera's. The drift's remote out of the box. The Go Pro's mounts.
  13. Okay, I use one of these:
    Size: Tiny
    Price: $10
    Functionality: Works fine, just annoying to try and change the date stamp
    Attachments out of the box: Two different mounts, and a silicon cover
    Price of other attachments: Couple of bucks for a MicroSD card
    Other thoughts: At this price don't really care if it gets lost/stolen/broke. And although the image quality is only low definition, I don't consider HD so important as to pay another $200+ for it.
  14. seems like Sony have been stalking me.
    that video could be renamed; 'carver, a day in the life'. ;)
  15. While I love my GOPRO, I do wish they would make a move and bring out a new camera with a different shape..

    I have been tempted by the ReplayXD (http://replayxd.com) looks like it would be fantastic for helmet mounting.
  16. Only thing that the sony has over this is the wifi inbuilt allowing for live view for positioning where as the replay xd you need that system?

    Don't get me wrong guys, I love the Go pro but just the size annoys the heck out of me, I know it is small and thats still cool but how you need to buy the wifi back pack for a remote and to live view and it costs like $130 AUD more?

    Ok here's a question for you Go pro owners, how much of a trouble is it for you to get a shot lined up? how do you line a shot up 100% all the time? I love the go pro (couple of family members own some) but the size is just euughhh, I could get over it but just not being able to see the shot is kind of the biggest turn off aye.
  17. Sony makes darn good cameras and have moved away from their annoying habit of requiring proprietry standards like their memory sticks. Video quality on their mid and higher range snapshot cameras is quite good, so I'd imagine that this one would give good quality footage.

    Features/value (which generally stack up fairly well) aside, the stuff I own (camera and smartphone) are well designed and built.
  18. Should be picking up one of these pretty soon. Will write reviews when I get it.

    Im quite impressed with the 120 fps mode. It willbe worth having a crash just for the super slow mo action shot.
  19. Look forward to hearing what all those megapixels can do...and no it won't.
  20. The basic camera will be on sale here for $299 and $399 for the full bundle including a spare battery, charging pod and assorted mounts
    It will record on eithe micro Sd or Sony Memory sticks

    I'm supposed to be getting stock early October.

    Not a motorcycle video, but here's some more info and a video in the video section made locally at drag racing.