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Sons of what?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by NOT4US, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. I admit I enjoyed the first season of SOA, second one was so-so and couldn't bring myself to watch after the third.
    BUT, as always, the brits hare coming with their own version and it's obviously going to kick SOA's a$$.
    It's called The Clandestine.
    A preview:

  2. Yes, but are they as tough as the Sons of Aldi? :sneaky:
  3. Looks like something that should have Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in it.
  4. Sons of Mild Civil Disobedience?
  5. Judging by the trailer it looks more like a comedy, cross between the inbetweeners and the young ones. Not really in the same league as SOA. Having said that I can't wait to see it, it should go well, if there's one thing the poms are way better at than the yanks it's comedy.
  6. Just for the record
    SOA season 6 out later this year and more than likely season 7 in 2014
  7. Looks stupid
    not in the same league with the inbetweeners either going by the preview lol.
  8. just when you least expect it !
  9. at least they don't hug as much.

    "see you at church, hey... i love you bro""
    "ooh i love you tooo bro" *hug*

    sorry, i just hate that gayass show. Jax looks like someone of a cherry ripe ad. flares his nostrils and grimaces with his stupid walk. and somehow people are supposedly intimidated by him?
    should have been called sons of bambi.
  10. I made it through an episode and a half of SoA.
    Cringeworthy at best
  11. Yeh they don't manage to pull off the stone cold killers thing too feel well, i don't mind the show but it's a bit soft.

    Why does the young one have that big poofy fairing on his bike?
  12. SOA - As a biker and nerd they lost me with their own resident biker hacker who just taps into police and FBI databases whenever he feels like it
  13. Yeah, it takes at least TWICE that long ... for them to put a tail on your IP and start watching everything you do. TV hackers are amusing.
  14. No, no not another season of SOA.
    Just another example of the persistence of toxic waste in the environment.
  15. I thought that was Paris Hilton. :confused:
  16. Ummmm... cos' he's a big poofy. :rolleyes:
  17. This is such a crap show I was very disappointed.
  18. If you really want cringe worthy, have a look at The Devils Ride. It's about a bike club called the Laffing Devils. Eric Bischoff is involved with it, so you know it's quality television and so very realistic.
  19. That is like a bad comedy created by the writers of Jerry Springer