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Sons of Titanium

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ultram, Jul 20, 2013.

  1. I joined the gang...

    Not by choice mind you, nobody joins Sons of Titanium by choice, rather they find you. They find your broken body and carefully put you back together with titanium rods and screws.

    Unfortunately the initiation is painful and scars can last a lifetime. However, on the plus sided, there are drugs... lots and lots of good drugs. These become your friends and help you get through the initiation. Oxycontin, Tramadol, Endone to name a few.

    Although the drugs are good and plentiful, alcohol is scarce :( ah well you cant have everything.

    Once you join the gang you could be in for life. However, some members manage to leave after a year or two. Others, like me, are destined to a lifetime of triggering metal detectors and suffering chilled bones from the inside.

    At the end of my days when my mortal body is reduced to dust and ash, all that will remain is a metal rod and a handful of screws. People will know, I was a Son of Titanium.

    Anyone else in the gang ?
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  2. I have a titanium cage in my neck from a disc fusion
  3. Titanium nail in leg
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  4. I'll be a daughter of sorts. The staples are titanium.

    Not a motorcycling injury though.
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  5. Titanium shoulder joint, or part of it. Doesn't set of metal detectors that I've noticed.
  6. I was told titanium won't set them off. Also that you can have a MRI without it ripping off.
  7. Titanium won't set the detectors off but the stainless steel screws will if some flight security pervert gets up close and trigger happy with the wand.

    That's probably the only time funny stories are not appropriate. Aka, "nah nah ni nah nah you'll never find the gun"

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  8. Thats reassuring, I'd hate to see a piece of my anatomy stuck to the ceiling of the MRI .
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  9. Titanium?

    Looks like Titleist golf tees to me!:)
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  10. mental note craft a shiv from titanium...

    X-ray my hands and i could pass for Wolverine, unfortunately i can't pop out 6 inch claws :(

    I haven't had any trouble going though metal detectors at court.
  11. Hehe, A matched pair. Yours is left, mine is right :)

    I am not back on the bike yet but I am wondering if the extra weight down low helps with cornering?
  12. How bad was yours? My foot was twisted around. Full compound with skin graft on front of leg. Armco rails aren't soft. I've got numb areas on my leg and strange nerve activity where I'll touch the right side of my leg on one of the screw heads and I can feel it on the left. Whatever you do don't bump the screw heads for at least a year. It will hurt like fcuk
  13. Wow @RRdevil , not as bad as your by the sound of it. Foot was twisted but not quite a compound. I still have marks where the bone nearly penetrated the skin. Ambo said it was as close to a compound as you could get. I will take you advice re the screw heads, I can feel they are quite close to the skin. Surgeon said the screws can come out in 12 months, fairly simple day surgery.

    Today is 8 weeks since the operation so I can now start to take 50% weight on the leg. Still got a way to go but so far so good and haven't detected any strange nerve activity.
  14. So simple, they get the maintenance man to do it while you are under.(y)
  15. With something like this I presume

  16. Nah - that's more for the Richard Gere gerbil removal type of day procedure.
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  17. 8 weeks on hey. I was back at work. Working construction in the railways by 8 weeks. I got told put as much weight as I want on it as soon as I want apparently banged the bones together a little and made bone grindings that helped with healing. I could feel the bottom of my leg moving slightly opposite to the top part. I was also told screws can come out. Mine are still in because I was also warned that any disturbance may still lead to a bone infection which would be real bad. But that was also because with compound fracture it had to be washed put 3 times before they did the skin graft. I remember the nurse coming to change the pillow under my leg and it was soaked with blood. On the plus side was the hot as nurse who gave me sponge showers, wasn't allowed to lower leg below hip until they were sure the graft had taken. I spent 10 days in hospital then 6 weeks of redressing the graft every day at my local nurse area. Probably shouldn't have been working after 8 weeks but a job was being held for me as I was supposed to start the day after I broke my leg...which was also the day after my 22nd birthday. So far 8 years and not much worry from it.

    Did they explain how they put the nail in? First they dislocate your knee cap with a hammer then make a small cut, bore out the bone then hammer the rod in, then with a live xray machine they line up the screw holes and bore them through.
  18. Also the worst part of all was talking to the surgeon about 20mins before surgery when he, without any emotion, said to me 'were going to try and save your lower leg, but it's not very good'. Happy to wake up with it attached for sure