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Sons of Anarchy

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Biker Boy, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. At the risk of everyone laughing at me here goes.

    Has anyone seen Sons of Anarchy? If not, it's the biker (like Harley gang) version of soprano's.
    I just saw an add on TV. Apparently we are getting it in Australia in May on One HD.

    We downloaded 3 seasons around mid last year and I thought it was a pretty cool show.

    If you have seen it what did you think?

  2. More like the "biker" version of Days of our Fukn Lives.
    Watched a few eps last year, not worth my bandwidth...
  3. yeah there were parts that dragged on a bit with all the emotional drama crap. I guess they have to balance out the senseless violence and coarse language.
  4. This can only do good things for the sales of Hyosung GV250s.
  5. I'm liking it, just finished season 2 trying to get my hands on season 3 as I moved house and the internet is next to non existant.
  6. season 3 was sh!t!
  7. I watched every season but was only really liked the first one.

    I had no clue what was going on in the third season because I never knew who the 'badies' were and what not, like one moment they're talking and the next there punching each other in the face and I just found it stupid after a while.
  8. 3rd season started off a little slow and felt abit lot but it wrapped up ok, the story arc for season 3 just wasn't that crash hot. Hoping season 4 is better if it gets renewed.
  9. Don't ask me, I thought the Soprano's was crap too
  10. I tried watching Soprano's but I found it pretty crap to be honest.

    Sons of Anarchy OTOH was great in season 1, good in season 2 and a bit slow in season 3.
  11. Yeah season 3 was a bit of a drag. Season 4 has been approved and they are filiming. Due to be be released in Sept 2011.
  12. Watched season 1 and a bit of season 2 when I used to have foxtel. Not a bad show, but I couldn't be bothered watching it anymore.
  13. They started 'developing' the plot and making it too complicated for my liking.

    When the plot was simple, it made sense.

    When they made samcro to be a crime syndicate spanning countries, it got a bit unbelievable.

    KISS works for a reason.
  14. i've seen season 1 and not really sure what to think, it's not TOO bad but alot of cringe worthy moments, and stuff i just can't get my head around...
  15. Season 4 started today.

    Finally putting my new TV to good use.
  16. I've tried, I really have.
    But it still seems like Days Of Our Lives with bikes, and I keep seeing Leela...
  17. Yup I'm just about to watch it :D
  18. It's been on OneHD for a while now. Got bored fairly quickly. The best bits are shown on the ad's!
  19. Might start watching it this weekend as Picked up Season 1 from a friend.
  20. +1 I keep expecting Clay to walk into the club meeting room and say "Good News Everyone"