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Sons of Anarchy (SoA) Season 7

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mouth, Sep 10, 2014.

  1. It's on! Who's watching tonight?

    Make sure you use the spoiler tags, if you're giving anything away!

  2. You bet.....
  3. spoiler
    its shit
  4. I'm going to strangle Jemma in my dreams tonight.
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  5. So much talk about black, white, brown and yellow, I thought I was watching Play School ... or browsing iclint's 'My Off Last Thursday' thread.

    But the usual dose of gratuitous gore set me straight.
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  6. So far half watched it last night,

    Why is Marilyn in it... I was looking forward to his presence but his acting is fkn terrible
  7. Jax needs a new love interest. Now Tara is gone there's bugger all eye candy.
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  8. So, is the outcast going to be found and then give up Mum? I think that's where it will go
  9. I hope so, I'm over Jemma. Needs a new direction but she's probably been signed up for the season.
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  10. Katy Segal is married to the writer, Kurt (the one in jail) so Jemma's not leaving soon...
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  11. I see, that's a bugger then. Hope they bring her down at least and add some more female talent to the show, bit of a testosterone overdose at the moment.
  12. That was the problem with the original format, OMCs are all about the testosterone and there was a tad too much lovey lovey going on.
  13. Yes, agreed, but without a bit of eye candy it doesn't have the same appeal, to me anyway. Just an old romantic at heart, with a bit of gratuitous violence thrown in :)
  14. Oh, they could eye candy it up heaps but it would come up against the US censors too easily. Much better to be family orientated violent, gun running outlaws.
  15. I'm sensing a market for a spin-off show ... Daughters of Anarchy.


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  16. Final, ever, episode tonight!!
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  17. Thank God.
  18. At least Jemma got her just desserts the old bag. Pity about poor old Wayne though.
  19. ^^^ wat?? that was last week....
    new ep in my hands to watch now