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Song on Channel Go at 10:30

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. Long shot but it may work. Tv was on in the background and some crime show was on tv, then two songs were played at the end, i assume as fillers. Was anyone watching and do they no the name of the second track? I loved it.

    On the off chance that other people know the song, it was a kinda trippy dancey track with a funky beat and had some chick singing that sounded more like melodic chanting than real words. The clip had a fat guy drving a cart thing that had a large drum kit set up on it, a bunch of fat women doing stuff (houseworky stuff mainly) in bikini's and an old bloke running along a trail in a loincloth. When I say fat, i dont mean obscenely fat, more moderately overweight.
  2. Tried contacting Go! directly? They should still have the playlist on file...
  3. get any of the lyrics? 1 line should do.
  4. yeh thought so, tried to work out how to do that. but it seems that they are determined to stop you from doing that
    no idea, only vaguely sounded like words
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  6. All that for that? :p
  7. haha, thanks mate.
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    I'm going to take an absolute punt and suggest Gossip - Heavy Cross.
    Have a look on [URL="]youtube[/URL] and let us know if I'm right.
  9. nup, flinders got it. one of the ones where if you know what im talking about, you can id instantly. its pretty unique :p