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Somewhere to get 'larger' sized gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by thewolf, May 4, 2010.

  1. OK, I'm bigger than I want to be and was pretty lucky on getting some of the gear I wanted.

    At the moment I'm just looking around for simple rubber/similar waterproof pants.

    Easy people say, get em everywhere...


    Sofar I've tried both the local Motorcycle dealer (Peter Stevens) their clearance center, AND the local outdoors place, none of which have something around my size. (The dragggins I wear are 48) I've also found that wonder issue where sizes seem to be almost 'random' between brands. (A 2XL in one brand felt larger than a 3XL in another *sigh*)

    Instead of chasing around everywhere and maybe finding something, I'm going to ask here if you have any suggestions.

    Oh and I'm in SE Suburbs Melbourne :)

    The Wolf
  2. Good luck in finding what you're after and I'll keep my eyes peeled too.
  3. I got some stuff from Rays outdoors, aussie disposals have some pretty large sizes too
  4. You might find snow ski pants in larger sizes. The ones with zips down the outside of both legs are going to be easier to get on and off, if they aren't quite large enough.

    I know with my standard motorcycle wet weather pants, I am only just flexible enough to get them off on the side of the road while standing on one leg. Getting them on in the rain isn't much easier. I should have bought ski pants myself.
  5. Mars leather in the city stock large sizes wet weather gear. Go see them. After an hour of frustration in Peter Stevens, the chaps in Mars had me fitted up and out the door with wet weather gear in 15 minutes.

    That said, I don't bother with it anymore, so if you're larger size is similar to mine I may be able to help you out with second hand stuff!!