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Somewhere in Fairfield (Vic) for a cheap car RWC ?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Johnny O, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. Hey Guy's, anyone now of somewhere near Fairfield (Vic) that I can get a cheap RWC on my ute that I just bought?

  2. wish my mech never retired... don't know about pricing but there's an out-of-his-garage mechanic at the end of perry st near Jika motel, (for some reason theres like 5 in fairfield), i'm 99% sure he does RWC, or at least inspects before engineers reports/RWs, he does so many modified cars it's not funny. my boss goes there, and he is always flat out. i figure he must be pretty good seeing he works full time by reputation and word of mouth. is the ute RW? if so most places in heidelberg will do it for around $80, no one seems to do em cheap anymore.

    or try grange road, northern BM does RWC, and that black and red place next door to them and the take away joint does them too.
  3. um...Route With Chick? [in ute of course!!! with vegimite sandwiches, what else will do?]

    um..Rowdy Wench Coont?

    um...Rude Window Covers..for ya ute?

    um..Roudy, Wowdy, Cowboys? [hm, must be a chick thing, or a poofta thing :LOL:

    cheers :cool:
  4. No Jax. It stands for "Roadworthy Certificate" . It is a thing for trolleys and utes.
  5. Thanks, I've seen this guy open a couple of times but I have not been able to catch him open since I've needed him and he doesn't have a phone number on his building, I'm just gunna have to go to work late one day.
  6. can't help, but congrats on the ute xx
  7. Thanks Carrie :)