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Sometimes you're safer on a bike

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by DisgruntledDog, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. This morning I was on my way to work and got about 300mtrs down the dirt road I live on where there is a bend in the road. Coming the other way was the rubbish truck doing a power slide around the corner. I managed to sneak between the foot high edge of the road and the front of the truck.

    He missed me by half a metre. If I was in the cage I would have been cleaned up.

    Nice start to the day.
  2. LOL - Glad you're alright.

    Sorry he crowded you a bit, that shouldn't happen, but good on him for claiming a bit of job satisfaction. Of course I never did anything like that in a taxi ... [cough...]
  3. dog was obviously looking after you.......
  4. Glad it all ended well. Anything and a truck usually is not good.
  5. dog always does. he's mans best friend! my dog is next to me right now snuggled up and very happy i love him :)
  6. Must be the time for rubbish truck hoons. MrsB was fiollowing one that managed a full on four wheel drift yesterday :D.
  7. sweet :D
  8. That's the best demotivational I have seen in years!

  9. Jeez, glad your alright mate.

    In some ways I actually feel safer on the bike than I do when I'm driving a car. Theres less blind spots for starters.
  10. Any chance you were recording? I totally want to see a garbage truck in a powerslide now.

    /heads off to youtube
  11. I wish I had. I didn't get much chance to appreciate his driving skills.
  12. I was coming north up Putty Rd in the wet with two mates, I was in the middle, in single file.

    Coming up to a sweeping slightly uphill right-hander we were greeted by a semi with an empty trailer. The cab was in it's lane, but the empty trailer was sliding sideways trying to overtake the cab....the three of us pinned it through the three foot gap it left, in an effort to pass it before it swung out further.

    All good, got the old heart rate going though! ;)