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Sometimes they do remember the road has to be safe for us after all...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Suriag, Oct 30, 2011.

  1. So it turns out whining to council isn't always pointless and when they say they agree about a hazard sometimes they mean it and fix it. o_O

    The horrible bricks on the Old Bathurst Road switchback that helped me cripple my wrist are now gone, replaced by small noisy contraptions... kinda. You can see precisely on the road where control switches from Blue Mountains to Penrith councils, because it's still bricks Penrith side. They pretty much told me to **** off but at least someone did something.

    ... probably happened a while ago actually, but only had the stones to go back there today at last and saw the change ;p
  2. Good work mate. May be worthwhile writing to Penrith Council advising them what the other council has done and threatening them that in any future accident you would sue them?
  3. Penrith Council is a useless council.....do you have a pic of said bricks though? i dont recall seeing them.
  4. That's some good work there Suriag well done.

    Ever seen Shawshank Redemption? Remember the funding for the library?
    Go get em ;)
  5. For a few reasons pushing that hard isn't going to happen ;)

    Was just pleased to see that pointing out the danger nicely got someone to listen though. The worst corner isn't as bad now and the Penrith side of things are pretty easy bends really.

    Azn: The bricks are just the oversized plastic things in the middle to stop 'hooning cars'. By damaging i gather since the email i got called them reasonable enforcement.. Just being guilty of hyperbole :p

    Edit: which reminds me. Must send a thank you letter to the local Councillors for listening too.