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Sometimes Parking Inspectors are good blokes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Kaer, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. Yesterday picking up the suits for my upcoming wedding.

    Wife-to-be arrived with her male bridesmaids (long story) in the cage, and parked in a loading zone (she swears she didn't notice at the time).

    I pulled up seperately and parked elsewhere on the bike.

    Anyway she was walking back to the cage with her bridesmaids carrying their suits and mine. As she turned the corner, parking inspector was writing out a ticket.

    Parking Inspector asked her what she was doing.

    She said picking up the suits for her bridesmaids and groom for her wedding on saturday. Inspector, said "oh, that's so nice", and cancelled the ticket.

    They are not all bastards. :)
  2. Woo-hoo, you should have grabbed him and had him cloned!!!!!!!!!
  3. sounds like she is marrying the wrong guy... :LOL: :wink:

    congrats for saturday, hopefully it's a wonderful day for the 2 of you

    Cheers Stewy
  4. The exception so often proves the rule.
  5. So they CAN cancel the tickets. BASTARDS! :x
  6. I was thinking the same thing LineNoise...

  7. well a few years back smart ass parking guy gave me a ticket and was quite happy about it so my mate whos a big guy walked around the corner and picked up his bike and put it upside down on its handlbars so while driving off had a laugh at him trying to put it right side up mmmmm wasnt so happy then
  8. From what I was told as long as they have not printed it out they can still cancel it. Doesn't matter if you run though, as long as they have got your rego you will recieve the ticket in the mail.

    Good to see there is still some people out there who are not solely out to revenue raise.
  9. Thats so cool!!!!

    I almost became a parking inspector once.
  10. Well i work in Lonsdale Street, and last week in the press it was revealed that this street is the City Of Melbourne’s top earner in parking fines issued.
    After watching these guys work you soon find a new benchmark for scum, they are the measuring stick for it. They are that quick & sneaky, they hide in the laneways waiting, work on foot as well as by car, they get the flat top tow there before time is due and on the very minute due the towy will make your vehicle disappear.
    They sit and watch a vehicle park illegally, and instead of warning the motorist & moving the vehicle on while the owner is in the process of securing his car, they wait till he walks off then they run out and book him.
    How can people do such a job you wonder, they are the lowest of low.
  11. Not really that low, I work in a government enforcement sector and anything to do with trying to make people obey the law is painfull.

    The "book everybody" attitude is caused by people constantly hanging shit on them so they think "screw this" I give up trying to be nice and so everybody gets a ticket. Years of copping aggro off blind motorists takes its toll. Maybe if people were nice to them then they would be nice back. This isn't going to happen as most people are only out for no.1 and screw the rest. People created this, they can deal with it.

    They are just doing their jobs which they get PAID to do. Everyone says government workers do nothing well there is the evidence that they do in fact work! :p

    People who are inconsiderate is what really ticks me off, if we all just took the time to be considerate then we probably wouldn't need laws or people to enforce them. ( :shock: Ok my bubble just popped, this is never going to happen) :cry:
  12. :shock: What the....?
    GET HIM BOYS!!!!! :twisted:

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. Don't worry it has nothing to do with bikes, roads, parking etc. I know a couple of blokes who have to do parking and they cop heaps of crap and they really hate doing it but what choice do you have? You can't tell the boss to get stuffed and still fund a bike habit :p
  14. All my first post was trying to say, they are not all dicks :)
  15. But it's a Netrider membership requirement to hijack, derail or trivialise threads, you know that!!! :wink: