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Sometimes it is hard to explain

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sir Skuffy, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. Morning all.

    There are things in life that we believe that we cannot explain. Things that we cannot see, touch or taste but we still believe..... Well, Saturday afternoon was one of those experiences.

    I have been riding for some 26 years and am a reasonable rider and 90% of the time enjoy riding. Well, saturday morning I had a new rear tyre fitted, a Dunlop 208GP 190/60R17 on the rear. The previous tyre was a 190/50. FOr those in the tyre know, know that the 190/60 is a taller tyre and is pretty much a regulation style of tyre for Super Sport racing. I am rambling

    Well, departed at about 3:30pm from home and proceeded to do my usual loop. The weather was magnificent, all the country side was green due to all the rain we have been having.... When the roads became twisty that is when IT happened........ The ride was perfect, in every essense... moments where you need to heave the bike from side to side became effortless...... Speeds achieved into, around and out of corners were insane in every part of the thought...... I reached a point of complete bliss, NIRVANA almost orgasmic....... I take these roads with agression and ride them that way... Saturday, I ride these roads with a sense of the unknown

    Damn it, i cant explain it...... You know when you have a near miss and you are adrenalised and totally switched on... Well, i was that way but without the FEAR factor..... It is a weird sensation..... This became aplified when I set my mind to cruise control on the run from Apollo Bay to Lorne..... I set my mind to 100km/h and did not button off AT ALL except for the road works and one 35km/h turn..... (obviously in the 60km/h zones also :D )..... Left/right 40km/h sweepers were the most unusual..... Hard right, hanging off of the bike and then the left transition did not require agressive body throw but merely a head turn and allowing the bike to fall.......

    Anyway, it was one of the best rides I have had since I stopped racing at the end of 2001........ Funnily enough, I have gained more understanding of my bike in the space of 2 hours than I have in the space of 12 months........

    Have a great day all
  2. Always nice to hear the ramblings of someone for every thing has just been right. Nice one Mitch. You may find that the 60 profile tyre is actually rounder therefore helping the turn transition.
  3. Hey Scumbag,


    The roundness of the 50 to the 60 is actually the same is it not???(referring to the tyre surface area).... Where it actually differes is in the tyre height, approximately 1 inch taller....... It is this additional height that makes the difference... I think.......... Hey, could be wrong.... I will have a good look at the tyres tonight......

    Have a great one
  4. I can remember when I when from the stock 170/60 to a 180/55, the bike was a lot harder to turn. I have since gone back to the 170/60 and the Duke is as sweet as it was.

    The taller profile helps there. Those in the tyre game can probably explain it better than me. The "tallness" will help the bike turn. The wider lower profile actually sits flatter on the rim, and therefore makes it a little harder to turn. Ask anyone with a 200 or bigger tyre on how hard it can be to change direction.
  5. Sounds like a hugely bigger and faster version of my Reefton ride, Mitch, good report, I almost found myself leaning in my seat!!!
  6. AFAIK the taller tyre actually makes turn in quicker? (the difference in camber/tyre circumference between any two contact patches is greater on a taller tyre...?) anyway good to hear you're still having fun mitch.
  7. Hey Dan,

    Thanks. The weird part is understand tyres, profiles and the differences both profile, height and compound make to the way a bike rides....... Many years of racing and CRASHING :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    What I experienced I personally dont believe is tyre related......

    Do you want to know what is really weird, I did not want to ride on sunday... my gut was telling me to stay home.... The last time I had a gut feeling and ignored it, well, lets just say things went really bad.

    Cant wait till this weekend..... :D :twisted:
  8. Sounds like you explained it nicely and the years of training and practice came in handy.

    Mental note to self....Do not try and keep up with Mitch down the GOR...
  9. Hey Ashes,

    Thanks..... Dont worry, I am not that fast...... :)
  10. hey Skuffy
    I can explain it !

  11. Nice one Glen

    I will pay two points for that one :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  12. Sir Skuffy..I'm pretty sure your "slow" baseline is somewhere near where i've set my "fast" baseline. :shock:

    I can still count the number of good corners I string together at any given time on one hand. :LOL:
  13. Great to hear Skruffy Sir... Nirvana is a wonderful place, especially when unexpectedly encountered. :)

    Although far far far from your league, in my own little way I too can relate.

    Last week, going up the Gillies Hwy, everything just fell into place for me also. Out of the blue I am now coming into corners much faster and with heaps more confidence and control than before. The latest 2 runs done just recently on that same awesome road have been even better, with recently fitted round tyres the bike now just leans willingly into the bend, without the 'heave' over the ridge that the old flattened out ones needed! :D

    Pure Magic
    Absolute Heaven
  14. those extra 350 ccs wouldn't have hurt, either, eh jarrah??
  15. I think I know what you mean skuffy. I went through that a couple of months ago while chasing Realm and I know I went through that up in the Snowy Mountains.
  16. Be honest Mitch, you finally left the chaps at home and had less wind resistance :LOL: :p :LOL:
  17. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  18. Hey all,

    Glad people understand what I am referring to and I am excited that others experiecne the same things.

    Keep riding hard and fast

  19. The only person fiddling with knobs at coffee night is Jason with his own. This fact is well documented.

    I reckon I have an idea of the feeling you're describing Mitch... You just get in the zone and it's like you're almost watching yourself, relaxed but totally on the hammer. Usually happens to me after I finally get a handle on a new bit of technique I've been working on for a while. Settling the suspension under hard braking using the rear brake was my latest little breakthrough, my ride on cup day (new hoops as well) felt sensational.

    It's great to know that decades down the track and with all your experience, there's still new things to learn and you can still take it to another level and get that feeling.

    I reckon I'd be poopin' meself pushing it on the Ocean Road though, that is some hiiiiigh consequence riding there.
  20. That, I feel, sums up the best past of Mitch's post....

    So many years to come of clicking into another level