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sometimes i just find myself going 'weehee'

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by carri27, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. today, as i gave it some gas coming off the Hoddle St entry ramp onto the Eastern, i suddenly realised an audible 'weehee' had escaped from my mouth. then i felt daft. then i realised noone could possibly have heard and i grinned. i swear i'm in my own little world in there. and such a fun little world it is :)

  2. I've laughed, I've cried, I've fvcking sneezed the biggest snot blob I've ever seen, I've yelled, I've sung, I've sworn, I've giggled, I've LMFAO, I've fallen asleep, I've smoked, I've tried kissing but that was a fail, I've been meaning to try rooting, and I've given a bit of a waaaahooooo in my helmet. A fun little microcosm indeed :)
  3. lol
    I find myself letting out an involuntary giggle when I get out on the open road above 60 after a long time, then that giggle turns into a laugh, then that laugh turns into a loud cackle, then I start screaming and cackling maniacally at the top of my lungs.

    Call me crazy but hey no one else can hear it, and it cracks me up.

    On long freeway stretches without music I will sometimes start singing my own tunes that I make up as I go using things i'm seeing, what i'm doing, or how i'm feeling or all of the above as lyrical content, at the top of my lungs of course. Gotta throw in a beatbox as well.

    God I love motorbikes...
  4. yeah i find myself muttering inside my helmet too...mostly swear words...sometimes for a good reason sometimes for a bad reason....
  5. "Woo-HOO", "Fuk YEAH", "NO, you fukn dikhead", all to myself fairly regularly.
    This morning was an invitation to some fool to, ahem, "taste my loins", but I flipped the visor up and put my head in his window so I was sure he understood perfectly...
  6. Ive had a root on my Bonnie, But the Bird is just too heavy for it,
  7. I give myself a running commentary of what's going on around me, occasionally voicing the cagers around me in ridiculous outback hick voices.

    Sometimes I sing.
  8. Hah... I had to read that about 15 times before I realised by "Bird" you meant the bike...
  9. i like to give the cagers on my regular commute pet names.
    i cannot repeat those names here without incurring infraction points.
    losing points is my life.
  10. Come on it was begging to be changed..
  11. You freaks, bunch of crazy riders talking and singing to themselves :p.

    Nah seriously, found myself singing "doe a deer" last night after a near colission with two deers along Cattai Ridge Rd (near Wisemans Ferry). I didnt even know there were dears in the area.
  12. With my helmet on, I swear all the time at drivers, (only time I ever swear, I swear!) I sing at the top of my lungs. Sometimes I yell WOOOOHOOOO as loudly as I can because it just feels....sooooooo......gooooood.
  13. Was it Gnoome that posted a vid of him riding along and singing?
  14. i've done all of that, except fall asleep and smoked.


    and swearing and yelling abuse. i do it all. and muttering. mutter mutter mutter mumble mumble.
  15. ....yeeeeeehhhhhaaaaawwwwwwwwww!!!!
  16. sometimes i just find myself going 'wheelieee!!!'
  17. First time on the new bike (after four months waiting for the insurance), gave it a squirt coming out of the dirt driveway of the seller's house, felt it fishtail a little then grip and lunge forward. Laughed out loud.
    Couple of minutes of insane giggling and whooping, I hear this voice in my ear say "Will you STFU!" Comms are a biatch when you forget about them .:oops:
  18. Apparently pelvic floor exercises help.
  19. I cant do wheelies but can do a little weeeeee :busting: inside the suit?
  20. BAHAHAHA! Note to self: Check comms before mumbling!