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sometimes difficult to select neutral

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by coasta007, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    Just wondering what might be the issue here.

    I have a 2008 Hyosung GT650R and sometimes i cant select Neutral when im waiting at traffic lights.

    As im approaching the lights i gear down so when i get to the lights and stationary im already in first gear waiting to go. Sometimes, i try and click up to Neutral and the lever wont move. Sometimes it goes into Neutral very easy and other times it might skip past neutral.

    Does anybody know what the issue might be?

  2. This used to happen to me all the time on my '08 Suzuki GS500, so here's what I experienced.

    I discovered there was too much freeplay in the clutch cable, so that even with the clutch lever pulled all the way in, it wasn't far enough, so there must still have been a little bit of drag in the clutch which was keeping the gears snugged together and wouldn't release. When I adjusted the cable to give the correct freeplay, it hardly ever happens now.

    Sometimes turning off the ignition helped, for similar reasons. Sometimes, with the ignition off and in gear, rolling the bike forward and backward a little helped it to release, for similar reasons. Reading up a bit on how the gearbox works helped me to understand this better.

    I guess there are probably other worse causes as well, like inadequate lubrication or gearbox problems but it's probably better if people with more experience/expertise than me give you advice on that.

    All the mentors I've heard say it's safest to stay in gear at the lights though, in case you have to move out of trouble quickly.
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  3. Most common cause of an elusive neutral on a modern bike is clutch drag, as noted by lipstikpig above.
  4. Ditto to clutch drag.

    How clean is your oil and is your clutch cable adjusted correctly.
  5. What is this clutch "cable" ye speak of? *Rides a VFR*
  6. Ha, ha!!! :bannanabutt:
    My bike has a 'positive neutral finder'.
    Pull up, snick the lever up & it's in neutral every time. (unless the gearbox is cold!)

    Couple of problems with this system though;-
    1 - The bike has so much torque, it's so easy to take off in 2nd but you have to select 2nd before you stop.
    2 - If I ever get a flat battery, I'd have to bump start it in 1st as I cant put it in 3rd when stationary!

    P.S. Yeah, check the clutch for drag. (y)
  7. sound like clutch drag it is. It seems to be adjusted quite good now but i'll nip it up over the long weekend and see how it goes..

    ATM, there is only a little play when the lever is out all the way. I may have to adjust it so there is no play at all. Hopefully that solves the problem.
  8. No. It is meant to have a little play. Usually about 2-3 mm. If you do it up tighter you risk the opposite problem - clutch slip.

    So m perhaps all you cn do is treat the clutch to some clean new oil which should help reduce drag.

    However some clutches have a second adjustment at the lever mechanism at the gear box. Note on the actual leeve mechanism not the cable. Sometimes it is hidden within the box itself and you need to open a cover to adjust. No idea for your bike so you will need to consult a manual.
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  9. its due for an oil change so i'll do that first then i'll take it from there. i'll check the manual out and see what it says about clutch adjustment.

  10. no-one's yet screamed HYOSUNG :LOL: !!!

    get onto a Hyosung forum and have a look, It may well also (as well as the sage advice above, with which I agree) have Hyosung-specific advice....
  11. i have the same problem with my 2006 hyo gt250r. I've got pretty accustomed to it, have got into the habit of selecting neutral just as i pull up to the lights (while still moving). not really a solution, just a work around.

    I have recently changed the oil and found that it has helped a bit but i don't think the oil is the actual cause of the problem. Anyway i'm going to have a fiddle with my clutch cable this weekend.
  12. Yeah, but we were all thinking it! :rofl:
  13. Bingo. Right there is your answer OP. what you really need is a


    Kawasaki invented the positive neutral finder. Go buy a Kawasaki and sell the hyosung. Best advice you'll receive this month.:angel:
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  14. i would but im counting down time for my triumph Speed Triple. prefer that over the Kawasaki. The Hyosung is going to be the commuting to work bike.
  15. Nope. Go back ~half a century and you might be a bit closer :D.
  16. They all do it, neutral gets easier to find with wear, and adjust the clutch with adjuster mid way down the cable not the lever.

    Just one of the many joys of hyo ownership.
  17. Speed Triple over a Z1000!!!! You've got to be kidding :rofl:
  18. Agree with previous. Clutch drag probably the main issue.

    It's not just Hysungs, this stuff happens to some extent with any and all motorcycles. All clutches drag a little bit, and any miss-adjustment makes it worse. Cable clutches go out of whack more quickly and easily, but adjusting them back to the correct setting is a hell of a lot easier too. Try the cable adjuster at the handlebar first, followed by the other end of the cable, at the gearbox, and only then try the lever adjustment. Failing that, find a mechanic.

    It should also be said that even a perfectly fine bike will sometimes be a bit baulky about finding neutral with the engine running. It's not unusual. Some snick straight into N while stopped - many don't. It's not a fault, that's just how they are.
  19. Don't use the adjuster on the bars they've never worked on a hyo, the recommended solution is to use the adjuster halfway down the cable there isn't one at the gearbox end.
  20. thanks. I'll give it a go.