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Something to think about..

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by rengel, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Been riding my VFR800 for almost 3 months now.
    Bought it brand spanking! I love it, it's a fantastic bike, however I'm also on the look out for something new, wanting to try something different.
    I guess that's the impulsive side of me coming out, which I don't condone.

    Now, I've been riding for just over 15 months. Had my restrictions lifted in November 2005, so have been enjoying riding legally since then on a bigger bike!

    I'm interested in trying a few different bikes now, perhaps looking at selling my VFR, not sure.

    I've been looking at either something like a Aprilia Tuono Streetfighter, or an S2R or something like that. I like the naked bikes, but then I also love the look (and sound mainly) of something like a VTR SP1, or an R1.

    Then again, I love the Ducati's too. Too many decisions :(
    Thing is I don't want to spend anymore money, so if I was to buy something else, it would have to be the same price at what I sell the VFR for. (it's done just over 1300kms).

    Does anyone here have (or tried) one of these bikes mentioned above?

    Any recommendations, or suggestions..


  2. I'll swap you my VTR for your VFR! ;)
  3. 2005 SP2, VTR1000? Done.
  4. The Tuono is a sexy biatch, however you're unlikely to pick one up for VFR prices.
  5. I don't have any of the bikes you mentioned, but you could look at bikes like the kawasaki z1000, or the fzr (?) 1000, both nakeds, but from what I've read they handle pretty well. In the case of the FZR I think the engine is from the R1, just different state of tune.
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  7. If you want something that feels a bit more raw and exciting than the VFR800 without spending too much check out the Suzuki SV1000S.

    A set of pipes on a big twin and you will literally 'feel the thunder' that is a big twin :)
  8. I've done some test riding lately, tried the S4R and Tuono (plus a few others).
    S4R was good, but Tuono was better, cheaper, and reputedly more reliable and cheaper to service.
    Haven't ridden the SP, although I really like the Firestorm motor (if only it wasn't so thirsty!)
  9. Hmm.. I might arrange for a test-ride of a Tuono and S4R.
    Will ring a dealer and arrange a ride, probably the best thing.
    I have a friend who owns s TLS and SV1000 and he thinks the TLS is an angry bike (crappy handling, etc toooooo much power) and the SV looks plain.

    I think I want an Italian bike ;)
    But don't want to pay Italian prices heheheh..
  10. I think you mean the FZ1's, and yes, they go like stink. Was following one through the Black Spur the other day and was wondering why I wasn't able to just lazily overtake it out of corners like I do most nakeds and it actually took a bit of commiited riding to get past him by dropping back a bit, then carrying a higher corner speed through the next corner and using that on the exit to slingshot past him out of the corner. We pulled up in Healesville and I naturally asked just what sort of motor it had in it, and yeah, a vaguely detuned R1 motor, and about the same weight.

    Power-wise the FZ1's are definitely enough to keep the litre-class faired sports-bikes honest. Pretty much all the power of a faired litre-class sports bike, just in a semi-naked (bikini-fairing) format. Handling is not quite as sharp though, apparantly, but not too bad nevertheless.
  11. Cagiva Raptor? Don't know about quality, though. I once had a brief ride (too brief to tell much), felt OK, but they're cheap and I tend to think you get what you pay for.
  12. If I were to sell up my VFR, I'd be going for an Italian bike next.
    I like the look of the Tuono Streetfighter.
    Has anyone else test riden one of these?
  13. Hi Ralph (still at Logica??),

    As you know I've got an FZ1, but am seriously thinking about the new model due this year. If you can overcome your need of a Italian bike, maybe look at one of these:


    Love the look, apparently a bit more go, handling is better and EFI, latest R1 motor etc. Can't wait for the release (about March apparently).
  14. Hey there J, how are ya ? :)
    No, not at Logica, been gone since October last year!
    FZ1 looks nice..... not my style though :(
    Would suit you though hehehe..