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Something To Keep Me Warm

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by StringBean, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    Hi Netrider's, on Sunday I went for a ride at 6:45am in the morning, and by about 7:20am I stopped for a break cause I was absolutely freezing cold, and that made me realize that I might need some winter gear, and not only that but I seem to feel the cold a lot more then others. So the gear im using at the moment is a pair of jeans, a pair of Reflex Dririder Gloves, and a Avalanch Grey waterproof cordura jacket from Bikers Gear Australia, I also had on a set of yellow rain pants which I thought did help a little bit. So today I had a look around and noticed that I can buy Dririder Long Johns which I could wear under my jeans and a Dririder thermal long sleeve top, under my jacket but dont really know if that would be sufficient to keep me warm over these winter months. A person that I spoke to today mentioned something about getting some Kevlar Jeans and long johns which she thinks would keep me warm. So now im after your opinion on this matter and what would you recommend to me on a budget, I cant really go spending like $400 cause I dont have it but yeah just wanna get your opinion on this.

    Kind Regards,

  2. On long trips I wear jeans under a pair of kevlar jeans (draggin jeans are pretty loose in the legs). This works pretty well. I also wear long, thick socks, singlets and layering of shirts and jumpers under my jacket. Not sure what those gloves look like but if they are warm and allow you to tuck your jacket inside them that would help. If you are mighty cold think about wearing a full wet weather suit, mine traps heat like you wouldn't believe!
  3. StringBean,

    I wouldn't think you need to spend a fortune - I just went to Target/Kmart and bought some Bonds cotton vests and long johns.

    Nice and cheap, nice and warm, nice and comfortable!

    Does the job for me under my leather jacket and Draggin Jeans. Just put em on under your normal gear and off you go.
  4. Thermals are a big help. I commute daily and was up in the mountains in the weekend with only thermals under my leathers, sub 5 degrees in the morning. it also depends on the type of jacket you have. Some leathers have insulation technology...

    Look into neck warmers/balaclavas. Thermal inner lining for gloves. These combined with my body thermals are my daily commute wear, and i am nice and warm.

    Until i have to raise the visor because of fogging. Brrrrr.
  5. Aussie disposals is good for thermals
  6. Yeah my jacket is made of cordura with a inner lining, cant really afford leather just yet.

    and are Kevlar jeans a must?
  7. if you fall off they kind of are, yes.
  8. Kevlar jeans IMO are a must .. but I ain't no safety nazi so you wear what your comfortable in. BUT! Bike jeans tend to be a baggier fit, this makes them ideal for wearing thermals under, you can ride comfortable and "the boys" don't complain about being too confined.
  9. Stones green ginger wine--$5
  10. This.

    Then set your bike on fire, drink ginger wine and enjoy the internal and external warmth.

    And on a more serious note:

    If you want non smelly warm thermals get wool ones. I use Icebreaker.

    Draggins are NOT necessary. They CAN help in SOME accidents. I lowsided my bike and the only damage I had was kevlar burn from my jeans. Also you can pick up warmer 'safer' textile pants cheaper than draggins.
  11. Thermal long johns (bought from Kathmandu when it was on special), jeans/trackies (pending on what I do on the day), Draggin Kevlar jeans over the top. Long sleeve thermal top, long sleeve shirt/T-shirt, cotton jacket, neck warmer and leather summer riding jacket. Winter RST riding gloves, but hands are still freezing and riding boots with 2 layers of socks. Keeps me warm through most cold temps, besides hands which go numb after 10-20mins ride. Heated grips might also help with keeping them palms toasty...won't do much on your knuckles though, the will probably still freeze from wind.
  12. heated hand grips.
  13. ^ This. With thermals. And something to cover your neck if it's exposed.
    I would advise you to get some dedicated riding pants, be it kevlar jeans or otherwise. Jeans won't last long if you go for a slide.
  14. yeah still looking at getting some thermals, but I don't know which material to go for, there is Merino Wool which is a bit out of my price range so im either thinking Polyester or Polypropylene, and I think you can also get Cotton and Thermolite from RJays.
  15. kathmandu sale is on now and their thermals are quite good
  16. I recently bought my bike (2 months ago) and after that I had to buy all the winter gear.

    Here's what I bought -

    1 - DriRider Textile jacket with a thermal lining
    2 - Draggin Jeans
    3 - Holeproof Woolen socks (from Safeway on specials)
    4 - DriRider Winter gloves
    5 - Inner Gloves from Snowgum (on sale at $7 or something and they are a must even if you have winter gloves)
    6 - Compression leggings from Aldi (@ $ 19) - Awesome buy. I wear just this and the Draggin jeans during my 38 KMS (1 way) work commute and havent felt any cold since I got them
    7 - A Bolle Microfleece jumper with front zip which I wear over my work shirt and then the DriRider Jacket.

    The ONLY time I felt cold was when I went on the NetRider Sunday ride last week which was understandable as we were up in the hills and it was raining as well.

    Neck warmer is a good buy as well but am yet to use it as I pull the microfleece collar up to my neck.

    After twistngo's comments re: Kathmandu I saw THIS and at half-price would be an excellent buy. I think I might get this one as well.

    THIS will also keep u warm and do the job of a neck warmer at the same time. Normally this is sold around $40 at bike shops.

    Buy these Inner Gloves as well. A Bargain @ $10.

    So you see, a few good bargains for you and you are all set for the remainder of our Melbourne winter. :D
  17. Yes Kathmandu do have a good sale on but the question is, do I go with Polypropylene for $39.98 or Polyester for $69.98, I always thought that Polyester was cheaper then Polypropylene. Which material will keep me warmer and dryer while I'm riding?
  18. I have both Polyster & Polypropylene stuff and they both do their job pretty well. At this stage, if I was you I'd go for Polypropylene.

    Have you invested in rain pants as well? They (RJ's) cost about $30 at most places.
  19. Yes I bought a pair of yellow rain pants from Bunnings LoL.