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Something seems fishy about this

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by waedwe, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. page 23 of todays sun herald (NSW), couldnt find it on there website so i typed it in
    "SPOOKED BY POLICE, biker injured.
    A learner motorcyclist was injured when he lost control of his bike during a police pursuit in sydneys west yesterday. The 28 year old man allegedly panicked when a highway patrol car under lights and sirens drove up behind him on the river road at Padstow about 2am.
    A police spokesman said officers from Bankstown were responding to a seperate call when they noticed the motorcycle accelerate. With police chasing him, the learner driver fell off his bike near the intersection of doyle street. He was taken to Bankstown hospital with cuts to his leg and suspected fractured ribs. a police spokesman said the motorcyclist was not charged.
    Is it just me or does it not add up, if they were under lights and sirens to another obviously needy call, why suddenly jump on the motorcycles tail? if he was accelerating away in a chase as they say and crashed, why no charges? maybe its just me thinking it's fishy because the police here have a nasty habit of showing up quick and closer than is safe behind me to read my number plates on there travels, does it sound to any others like this is what happened and a story was made when a suprised novice rider came off? yes i'm jumping to conclusions but the story just doesnt sound right

  2. I have had police drive very close at times too.
    The one time i was pulled over they dropped back to a normal distance for a time and then hit the disco lights.
  3. Jump away! They seem to be a law unto themselves these days.
  4. Why do a runner in the first place??
    Thats the fishy part.............
  5. my understanding in NSW if you are caught speeding on restricted licence, regardless of how fast, you instantly lose your licence for 3 months. maybe thats just p plates?

  6. Idiot police scare idiot who crashes like an idiot.

  7. i just had a look at on the link and couldnt see anything about the speeding, just that P1 had 4 points, I am confused.

    Is a speeding offence and automactic loss of licenese for P platers IN NSW ? - I just got my P's so thought i could get done for a small range 0-15kmh.

    EDIT: Ignore. Just saw this


    Totally boo. I thought i could safely do a 5-10kmh over and be fairly safe - given cops rarely pull you over for that, and if they do, i'd have the points to cover it.
  8. FMD. I am familiar with River Road, why wouldn't you just pull over to the side of the road and let them pass, it's wide enough? If it's you that they're after then they will pull in behind you.
  9. Well if the guy was wearing earplugs and the cops had just turned onto river rd he might not have heard them until they were close.

    I nearly got cleaned up by a firetruck while wearing earplugs. I was turning in an intersection, they were coming out of a side street and I couldn't hear the siren until they turned behind me. Firetrucks are slow off the mark so the old cb250 was able to get me out of their way but it would have been no match for a police car.
  10. another good reason not to wear ipods or ear plugs while riding. You don't need a major sense taken away from you. You're already endangering your life by riding on the road in the first place.
  11. umm Well most people don't have 1000$ Helmets that block out all wind noise. I can get a box of saftey plugs for 10$ to protect my hearing.

    TRUST ME! Wind noise WILL damage your hearing! !!!!!!!!!!!
  12. It's Bankstown and he's spooked by cops?

    That's like saying you went to war and got spooked by people in cammo :shock:
  13. Protecting your hearing is rather important. I agree with not using iPods, but not using earplugs? Well, that's your call, but I want to have good hearing when I'm older.

    That having been said, good earplugs for riding don't block everything out, they simply make things quieter.
  14. Stuff the earplugs...

    My woman nags, I can't wait to go deaf! :LOL:
  15. What kind of after market pipes do people have that need ear plugs to reduce the noise ?? Is there the slightest possibility that it is too loud if one must wear ear plugs when riding.... I am all for noise, i want to put some after market pipes on my xvs650... but i have no interest if it makes it that loud, i need ear plugs or i will damage my hearing...
  16. Gold!... :rofl:
  17. ralph - not pipes, wind noise

    ah, never mind, you ride an XVS - wind noise is unlikely to be a major issue :p ;)
  18. It's more about wind noise than pipe noise.
  19. But my pipes have plenty of wind in them! :eek: :LOL:
  20. i think the fishy part is that the cops didnt charge him with trying to get away, i mean he's riding a motor bike he must be a hoon who should be fined at every possible chance.

    Having experianced an unmarked police car fly up behind me in traffic and throw his lights and sirens on only feet from my rear wheel i can understand how a newbie could react to this.

    I would summise with my detective skills that the police decided to pull the bike over, so they did their usual scream up behind and turn the lights and siren on a mere 6 inches from his wheel,. This scared the learner who in turn fell off. The report said the police were on their way to another call at the time so why if you were already rushing to a another crime would you stop to chaise a motor bike that might have been speeding by 10kmh.

    would like to hear the riders side of the story.