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Something new in the driveway.

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by RED ZX, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. Well on Thursday evening I sold my old GSX1400 (accident damaged a year ago), and used the money to go and buy my partner her first bike. :angel:

    I only have the one picture of it so far, a 1999 VTR 250, stock standard.


    It came with new tyres (arrowmax, :-({|= ) and new brakes, along with a few months rego.
    I had the job yesterday of changing the rego into my name, and scrubbing in the tyres. What a fun little bike.

    Now, I am 6 foot 5, and over 115kg + gear, and I still managed to have a blast on this thing. Sure, it did struggle with accelerating at some points up steep hills, but it was still enough to take care of a few sports bike wobblers around the hills.

    It makes such an awesome learners bike. Before yesterday my GF had never ridden a bike at all. Not even able to drive a manual car. In her first attempt we got her taking off smoothly, changing up through the gears, doing some light cornering and some wide U-turns. Awesome progress for our first time out. Both her first time on a bike and my first time trying to teach someone to ride.

    Off again shortly for lesson no. 2.
  2. But your nickname is red zx, not red vt!

    Nice bike mate, i had spada and they are a lot of fun
  3. Nice one, same model as mine that I am selling as we speak. They are such a great fun bike and very manoeuvrable. Only that already have my gsxr, I don't have a need for my Vtr otherwise I would keep it. You can do so much on them from putting along to carving up the corners. Hope you partner has as much fun on here as I did on mine. Good luck to her and enjoy the ride...
  4. Huh?........ so wot you ridin' now mate.......??
  5. KTM Superduke R is my play thing Rouges. Although you may occasionally see me screaming around on the little honda.