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Something interesting that I just saw...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ad91on, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. Waiting at Ben Boyd road/military road intersection (heading towards to water on ben boyd), the traffic was fairly heavy heading outbound along military road. I was sitting there, enjoying the sun for the first time in a few minutes, as usual thanking god that the Across hasn't broken down yet, when I see a scooter rider in the middle lane stop at the intersection (traffic was banked up).

    I also see Mr. Big Knob in his white landcruiser (late model with bullbar and what not) bearing up behind him rather fast. I'm thinking "oh shit, here we go". At the last second Mr. Big Knob in his white landcruiser slams the brakes on, hitting the scooter rider just enough to give him/her (couldn't tell) a shunt forward. I waved my arms in the air in disgust and was all like "OMGWTFPOTATO".

    To my astonishment, the scooter rider just continued on like nothing had happened. Mr. Big Knob didn't seem to car, either. Although the scooter took off with a bit of hesitation, it seemed utterly undeterred from riding and was making no indication of stopping to confront the driver. The driver quite literally didn't give half a shit about what he had just done.

    I'm sorry, but damage or no, i would have been livid and probably had hit the driver for six, stupid asshole. I know there's been quite a few threads about people being 'shoved' or 'nudged' by cars, but that scooter rider could have been dead if Mr. big knob didn't take his head out of his ass and focus on driving for that split second.

    When did people become so placid? When did this become ok?

    If he had been lane splitting this would never had happened, of course.
  2. The guy in the 4by wouldn't have any idea unless the scooter visibly moved a fair bit.

    Maybe you saw it wrong?
  3. Nup, definitely heard an impact and saw a shove, followed by the driver looking around to make sure no one had noticed.

    I'm just very surprised that a scooter rider had enough skill to just keep going!
  4. thank god the scooter rider got off lightly on this occasion....

    only a few weeks ago i got a lift to my Kawa dealer, to pick up my bike from a scheduled service. my lady was telling later, that as i followed her home, (as well as sitting in front) in peak hour traffic, that apart from my moving headlight...i was practically invisible to her.

    this is a motorcycle aware person, and looking out for me..... !! so are we THAT hard to spot? nevertheless i always flicker my brake lights when i am at the lights.
  5. Just goes to prove that scooter riders know they deserve it :bolt:.
  6. Huh... weird.

    Maybe they knew each other?
  7. Scooter rider was afraid and just wanted to get away from the homicidal maniac. Chose flight instead of fight.
  8. Sure it wasn't a push start?
  9. i am torn between saying something offensive about scooters, or 4WD'S
  10. Hah, just a little love tap to say gday.. maybe the driver forgot he wasn't on his bike..? :p
  11. Who said you had to choose?
  12. Yet another reason to legalize splitting... I wonder why the scooter dude didn't stop and have a go at him though??
  13. you're no better protected from homicidal assnuggets on foot as on a bike
  14. When the lady tapped me (at 5 km/h, though intentionally from being stationary beforehand) my very first thought was "holy fuck! Time to leave very, very fast." As that wasn't an option with cars in front of me my second instinct was to dismount and swear... a lot...
  15. You can do both. You know you want to.
  16. Probably because he can't win. If he confronts the 4by driver, he's up for 'road rage/assault'. If he goes to the cop shop, they'll do nothing about the collision because no-one was injured, no vehicles were towed away and no-one was ( apparently ) under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  17. Interesting you say that, I saw a taxi go straight into some people on a marked ped crossing. They were also quite ok about it.:eek:

    Guys if this happens to you do something.:eek:
  18. i dunno if that's impressive or scary!
    in this litigious society we seem to have created you would think the cabby would be bent over and lubed up
  19. Welcome to my part of the world, where two different licences and attitudes collide (sometimes literally).

  20. What a lame society we live in...

    Next time I see a Police car i'm gonna nudge it a little with my cage. When the cop jumps out and goes all "wtf?" I'll be like: no one injured, no vehicles towed, you can do shit douchebag!!! *ner ner ner ner*