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Something I bought a month ago =]

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by tonee, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. After the insurance company wrote off my 04 CBR600RR I picked up a 2006 GSXR1000 with just above 9000km on the clock, now at 10,000.
    Its a real pleasure to ride, the power is manageable and handling is incredible.



  2. hhrrmm how come my images are so small?
  3. It's past midnight, and sleep beckons.

    Why you do this??? :cry:

    P.S.: The thumbnails link to the larger versions.
  4. hehe
    I used to be able to have the larger image on the post, but now its just the thumbnails
  5. oh, here's the pics :D wicked shots! congrats on the beautiful bike, i think they're one of the better looking faired bikes in the market - i'd put them in my top 10 fairinged bike list :)
  6. Awesome bike, Tonee ! Mine (K5) was recently sold, in its place the Fireblade which I'll ride around registered for a little while then take off the streets for track use.
    At 166kg dry and with a 1000cc donk strapped to it, the K5/6 are arguably one of the greatest bikes built ! They were THE bike of that era.
    Enjoy buddy and congrats.
  7. Nice looking bike Tonee!

    Did you get rear disc sorted?
  8. wow.

    what a great bike.
  9. Thats awesome man, best of the GSXRs great find!
  10. Nice work, tonee. Great bike you got yourself there.
  11. Thanks guys, really enjoy it.

    MV: They got delivered from the US and I swapped them over, pretty easy DIY =] thanks for your help.
  12. Anytime Tonee, glad you got it sorted!

    Now go & ride the wheels off it :)
  13. Nice bike mate, looking awesome!
  14. Great photos Tonee. Yeah the bike looks good. Polishing it much?
  15. I am sure the gsxr are a great bike - but I just can not bring myself to like them because to me they look too much like a gs500f its that whole single headlight thing that I am not keen on