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Something horrible happened!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by hugh50935, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    So this afternoon I went riding with a friend of mine. I went around a tightish left-hander at about 40-50kph, and saw a couple of cars coming into the corner in the opposite direction. So, I did exactly the wrong thing and looked at the car (stupid). Upon realising I was doing this, I then hit full front brake (very stupid). Somehow I lost control and went over the handlebars. My mate behind me saw the bike at a vertical attitude, nose to the ground (?!?!?!).

    Anyway, to cut a long story short, my bike and I missed the oncoming cars, and I escaped with only a bruise and two scratches. Thank god I was wearing full gear.

    The bike wasn't so lucky, however. For reasons unknown, the forks bent back until the wheel drove into the radiator. The headlight and instrument cluster are also scratched and shattered. Like I said, I was doing 40-50kph max and didn't hit anything (not even a pothole), so I have no clue how the forks bent that badly. I've attached a photo for your viewing pleasure.

    Obviously, I'll need to remove and replace most of, if not all the front end,
    but what do I need to check on the bike in terms of alignment etc?


    By the way, in my introduction spiel a few days ago, I promised a photo of my bike. Well, here it is *cry*.

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  2. sweet baby jesus! Are you sure your bike missed the cars !?!?!?!?!? Either that, or you my friend, need to go on a diet.

    Glad your not hurt.
  3. G'day everyone,....


    Good to hear your ok,..

    Your forks bent because the load on them exeeded their load capacity,..also the fact that when the bike went vertical the load on the forks changed to become a torsional load.
    Not the main load their ment to take.

    Dr Who?
  4. Hi, and thanks - so am I!

    Here's the thing, though. The forks are both buckled the same on each side. There's no tortional displacement whatsoever. It looks like the bottom half of the bike hit a brick wall despide there not being any gutters or similar for miles.

    The plot thickens: The front brakes have lost pressure, despite no obvious leak in the line, caliper or master cylinder, and there's a deep groove about a 1/4 turn before where they stopped...

    I really need to take the forks out to have a look. How do I hold the bike upright while doing this? Can't see a point to jack from aside from the Oggy Knobbs (i.e. engine/frame mounts). On that note, I bought the Oggy Knobb kit yesterday. Best $165 I ever spent!


  5. Write-off.
  6. This is the time when you call your insurance company and claim.
  7. I've stoppied VTRs before. It must have had a fair bounce to bend the forks like that.
  8. How so? The engine is fine, the frame looks OK & is completely unscratched. As far as I can tell the only damage is in the forks, wheel, and instruments/controls.

  9. Just a guess, but I've seen bikes written off with less damage. I hope it isn't, of course!
  10. Almost cheaper to replace, man. Some pretty serious damage right there...
  11. Hi all,

    So is it possible to check the frame for distortion? I'm guessing there'd have to be some sort of way to check the steering rake angle etc?

  12. Really sorry to hear this but glad that you escaped without more serious injuries. Shame about your bike, I hope it can be repaired quickly.
  13. Ouch - glad to hear you are ok.

    It's possible that the forks protected the frame and the rest of the bike from serious damage as they crumpled, but unless you're going to do the repair yourself with second hand parts then it's probably toast.

    The parts and labour required to get it back into a condition where a reputable service shop would be prepared to warrant the repair will exceed the replacement cost of the bike pretty quickly.
  14. Judging by the bend in the forks I'm hoping you're right about the rest of the frame being protected. There's a reasonable welded steel truss structure supporting the steering bearing so maybe it will work out OK. I will definately try to get this checked before buying any replacement parts though.

    It's a bit tricky to tell the extent of the damage (it seems the radiator has a puncture) with the forks wrapped around the front of the bike, so I'm in the process of removing them at the moment. Proving to be a bit tricky since I can't lift the bike high enough to drop them through. Would take the wheel out but I think the axle is bent.

    Once I've collected a shopping list of broken bits I guess I'll head up to the local Honda dealer and see what the grand total comes to. Are there any places in Australia or online recommended for their cheap Honda bits?

    It's an 8k 2007 delivered bike, so let's hope it lives to ride another day!

  15. Talk to your insurance company before you start trying to take it apart.....assuming that you did have comprehensive insurance on the bike?
  16. You're not going to get the answer here. Trailer it to a repair shop. It might end up being just the forks... but somehow, I doubt it. But they will be able to quote it up for you. Then you'll decide your course of action.

    In the mean time, check the frame paint close to the headstock. Any cracking, crazing or flaking suggests the forks weren't able to take it all and there could indeed be some frame distortion.

    I don't get it though.... you were in a roundabout, target fixated, hit the brakes and the bike fell over resulting in forks utterly buckled??? The bike either hit something hard at a good clip or you rode into an alien's sonic screwdriver field tuned to bend forks. Your story doesn't add up... never mind though, bugger about the spill all the same.

    What riding technique lessons are you gonna take away from this experience?
  17. I thought they don't pay out if it was an accident with yourself? Or does it depend on the type of cover you have?
  18. comprehensive is just that comprehensive... you just have to pay the excess if you're at fault or they can't assign blame to some other party. If this is an insurance job that bike will get written off.
  19. *nods*
  20. Yep, I'll be taking to a bike shop in the next few days hopefully. There is no sign of crazing/flaking on the frame near the steering bearing, so fingers crossed here.

    I still have no clue about the bike. Maybe it hit something after I'd been thrown off it?

    So the lesson learnt is experience and training, I'm sure. Ironically, I'm booked into a Hart course this Sunday for all this kind of thing. Argh!