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Something For The Neck?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by kiss_the_future, Sep 18, 2005.

  1. Besides wearing a big ridiculous scarf...what is out there to protect the neck from wind?...and to help stop irritation from the leather jacket?

  2. *smacks self on forehead with open palm "der"
  3. Get yourself a neckwarmer. Netrider had one in their merchandise section, I assume they still sell one but there is no picture of it.
    Go to any bike shop and check out what they look like and then send the Admin guys a PM to order one ;)
  4. Wear a roll-neck skivvie underneath? Works for me!
  5. Silk balaclava is also effective for anything but the coldest nights.
  6. Are these items all available at a local bike shop?
  7. Found at most bike shops (that sell gear) but much of it is also found at camping type stores (eg i got a good neckwarmer from Rays Outdoors for about $10, Aussie Disposals has them for the same price)

    Otherwise, if your good with a sewing machine you could probably make one for less then $2 in a matter of minutes.

    Many seem to like the netrider ones though.

  8. Or if you know someone who knits (or, indeed do so yourself), they could whip one up in an evening.
  9. Get a Fogg Off but make sure you can pull your helmet over it before you buy.

    Work great and you can pretend you're a ninja. They do however scare the bejesus out of the poor schmuck on the graveyard shift at the servo when you forget you are wearing it.
  10. I should be on the merchandise page, with picture. I will check tonight as to why not. Thx.
  11. I got one from iffracem, and when I tried it on, Mrs RC laughed...sorta put me off wearing it a bit.
  12. Something for neck

    Look in bike mags, shops, ect. Andys Strapz does a polar fleece neck warmer that doubles as a beanie. Highly Recommende
  13. High collar shirt/jumper + chin wind protection built into the helmet + neckwarmer/balaclava = toastie warm.

    just make sure there is overlapping layers and you've got no more drafts.
  14. For the moderate days, I have a neckerchief. :D
    Recently, I bought a coolmax balaclava, for the warmer ninja moments....
  15. hmmmm there's that WORD again.....!
  16. Any reference to toasties should go into the designated appropriate thread please hornet. It has a tendancy to get out of hand otherwise. :wink:
  17. Did you get yourself a neckwarmer yet? My wife and I make good ones that protect from the wind and stop it totally by protecting the upper chest and rear of the neck etc... We also make lambskin seat covers just for bikes at great rates. We are Geelong based so delivery is no problem. neckwarmers cost $18.00 and seat covers (tailor made) start at $140.00 plus post. Call me (Lee) at "Cruis'n Comfort' 0410 786373 or email @ pooksta7@tpg.com.au
  18. Can vouch for the Andystrapz Neckz from andystrapz.com
  19. ok this is the newest old thread i could find so sorry for resurrecting it.

    i got a free neckwarmer from boris and fred gassit at the motorcycle show and i have no idea what to do with it. der i know its so your neck doesnt get cold, but the only time ive needed one was on a country road definitely doing the speed limit and getting hit by rocks or bugs. does anyone use them around town or on cold days? i can't imagine i could really be bothered just to keep my neck warm. any other uses for them?
  20. I use mine when I'm riding through the snow. :D