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Something for all you mischief-makers

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by hornet, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. Now all Netriders are responsible citizens who'd never cause unnecessary hardship or perplexity to others, so none of you would be interested in a small, pocket-sized device that can turn off ANY television without the owner knowing, eh?
    Didn't think so...
    Here it is.....

  2. ahhh reminds me of year 10 music class... teacher thought that watching 'grease' would be better than actually teaching us anything. needless to say, a universal remote made the lesson entertaining.

    FF, pause, slow motion OFF :LOL:

    "kids a taday!"
  3. Not that expensive either :roll:
  4. lol, i like the customer action shot :)

    this may rival the point'n'shoot laser pointers at the cinema in the "smart a$$" department
  5. I think it would look a little suss if you are pointing one of those at a monitor/tv for 69 seconds. Especially in an airport, as they suggest, in this post September 11 world.
  6. Just imagine walking into Harvey Norman's on a busy Thursday night........ :LOL:
  7. Yeah: the web-site does say that the average TV shuts down in around 17 seconds

    Point taken, though, people may well be alarmed, even if they're not alert :D
  8. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    That is a wonderfully evil suggestion...
  9. I love their suggestion of using it to turn the TV off in a sports-bar - if you did that in some bars during say the World Cup Soccer I'd say you're chances of getting out alive would be small.

  10. So THIS is your 5000th post?
  11. Can i get one that works on females :shock:
  12. yeah, sad innit???
  13. Wouldn't it be better to get one that turns them, er.... on ???
  14. Nope, doesn't work on 2 TV's so far.
    One of my good mate's ordered a few items... TV-B-Gone being one of them. From what i can tell... YumCha TV's are immune to it as the transmitter only has the codes for most normal brand TV's.