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Something burning on exhaust - FZ750

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by linerunner, Dec 24, 2006.

  1. The bike seems to be getting hotter than it usually does during this season - gets hotter quicker. Maybe Im imagining it though. But I was stuck in some peak-hour esque traffic the other day (and it wasnt that hot out, maybe 25), when the bike started smoking like it was on fire. Also thinking about it after, my legs seemed hotter than usual.

    Pulled over and the smoke was coming from a liquid that had dripped onto the exhausts. The drips started on the inside of the exhaust - the side closest to the engine. Smelt like burning rubber or plastic, but then I dont make a habit of burning oil, so I dont know if it was that.

    The bike does lose oil out the right side of the crankcase - but not much, and its lower than the exhausts, so it couldnt have splashed. I had a look at the place where the head gasket is and there is some dirty oily residue (but then the bike IS filthy) which it could have come from, but it isnt wet. And there isnt heaps there.

    The temperature of the bike has definately been higher, so it wasnt because it got too hot. The coolant level is high, and very green. The fan comes on and works normally.

    It just stinks. No change to the engine noise or feel. Nor the clutch which is hydraulic.

    I called a dealer and they said my coolant was too low and Id warped the head. That was before I checked the coolant level. Any ideas?

  2. Yep its a yamaha :p
  3. maybe wash motor to see where the oil comes out of.
  4. yeah Im going to give it a wash and then ride it around the block a few times and see what happens...

    Does anybody know if this will kill the engine? I just cant figure that it could be the head because the coolant is fine? Is there anything else it could be?