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Someone tried to steal my bike (I think)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by josh909, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. I work in French's Forest in a semi industrial area and park the bike in a spot out the back - visible from the warehouse doors. I went to leave last night at 6pm and my bike is way over the left hand side of the spot - practically buried in the adjoining tree :?

    The bike was fine however I’m not sure how they managed to do it seeing as though it had the ignition/steering lock on it - it wasn't just pushed backwards or forwards.

    I've made enquiries around the office and warehouse this morning but no one knows anything about it. I asked the lady that parks behind me if she noticed anything (she leaves before me) and she confirmed that it had been moved when she left at 5.30pm

    I'm going to start putting the disc lock back on and moving it around the front when the warehouse guys close the door at 4.30pm. My biggest fear is that someone is going to put it in a ute and take off :shock:

    So much for safety in the suburbs :|

  2. It sucks that there is people out there who will do stuff like that. I am paranoid about leaving my bike in the city. The steering lock is always on, disc lock attached and its parked out the front of a police station but I still expect it not to be there every day when I finish work.
  3. Is it possible someone moved it aside to either park or fit something past it?

    Either way moving a vehicle without the owner's permission is a no-no. And technically regarded by the law as theft.
  4. that was my first thought but now i don't think so - it's a corner spot and the only people that could move it would have been the guys in the warehouse and i believe them when they say it wasn't them. the car that parks next to me is driven by a lady who is not much above 5' tall so she's out of the list of suspects :LOL:
  5. Anyway to chain it to the tree or something else solid/stuck in the ground?
  6. A decent theif would have taken your bike, not moved it......... So it was either a crap thief.. or someone moved it for some other reason...

    I am paranoid, so I have an immobiliser on my bike with an alarm... but I still worry...
  7. that's the confusing thing - there's no reason to just move it. plus it was left in gear so whoever did move it knew enough about bikes to pull in the clutch - yeah, a lot of people know this but if you knew the kinds of people i work with... well let's just say i'm pretty sure it wasn't one of them :LOL:

    nope - nothing. the guys from tha warehouse can see it until 4pm and it's parked in until 5.30pm so i'm just going to have to get into the habit of moving it round the front in the afternoon.
  8. Last time my bike was moved it was because someone had knocked it over... I was confused at the time, but noticed scratches a few days later and put 2 and 2 together....
  9. What about towing vehicles in a no-standing zone?

    In any case, I had someone park behind me once in an old Datty 180B. The windows were down so I just took the handbrake off and had someone help me push it out of the way... There was no way I could be bothered waiting when my actions inconvenienced no-one.
  10. I reckon someone is having a lend of you. Probably still laughing.

    Some years ago, some of my apprentices raised a leading hands bike to the roof with tackle equipment and D shackled it there.

    All denied any knowledge. They were all laughing as they went home with the leading hand standing there looking at his bike 20' from the ground.

    I'm surpried they didn't put the bike into a tree with a fork with a wheel each side or over a fence or something. Have a laugh and then come up with an idea to thwart them next time. Perhaps an alarm under the wheel to go off if it moves at all.
  11. yesterday i was standing around at a car dealership, when i saw 3 mechanics come out and move another guys bike, steering lock was on, so they had to lift the front wheel, they moved it about 20metres and tried to hide it in bushes. The rider came out and sprung them as they were coming out of the bushes... they thought it was funny.
    If they weren't caught i doubt they wouldv'e owned up... perhaps the same thing happened to you?
  12. When I reaseached bike theft when I lived in the uk I found what most bike thiefs do is have a van and pull up next to the bike. Have one or two metal bars and 2 or four guys depending on how the bike is locked up. If the bike had just a stearing lock and or a disc lock on the front 2 guys would just put a bar through the front wheel and walk the bike in to the back of a van. With the right set up its amazing how quick you can steal a bike. The best thing to discourage theifs is to lock the bike to a solid object like steel rails or lamp post.
  13. problem solved. turns out 2 of the guys in the warehouse (the only two i didn't ask) moved it so that a semi delivering a container could do a 3 point turn :?

    i'm relieved but pissed off. i went and told them under no uncertain terms not to do it again and to just phone or even walk the 50m to get me to do it but i'm thinking i might buy one of those Xena disc locks (with alarm) just in case.

    thanks for putting up with my (reasonably) unfounded paranoia :LOL:
  14. The vineyard where I used to work it was expected that you'd leave your keys in the car in case a tractor needed to get through.

    I wouldn't be annoyed at the 2 guys in the warehouse for just moving the bike, but I would rather that they let me know immediately afterwards.
  15. Often thought that, seen a lot of 4x4 utes around in rural areas fitted with min-cranes in the back often wondered if one would be capable of picking a bike up and dropping it in the tray.
  16. I got given one by the dealer and i reckon they are pretty good. If you connect it to the top of the disk the alarm is more sensitive while if you connect it to the bottom with the lock hanging down it is less sensitive.

    With it connected to the top of the disk, it is sensitive enough to go off even if someone gives the bike a kick or a bump. I tend to put the alarm on the front disk and a chain through the back wheel.
  17. Another trick I came across was to use a product called freeze mate. Plumbers use it to freeze water pipes so they can work on water system with out having to turn the water off. It comes in a spray on can and is a form of liquid nitrogyen.

    Basicly you spray the lock or chain that is wrapped around the fence or lamp post with freeze mate making the lock go very brittle than give it a hit with a hammer or in the case of a U lock instert a bottle jack and start pumping. The lock or chain will brake very easily and than the bike can be wheeled away or put in a van.

    At the end of the day if a professional theif wants your bike there isn't too much you can do about it.
  18. I must admit reading through the thread from start to finish that I thought it must have been moved by your people to get access to the warehouse. Very bad manners of them not to ask before, or inform you later, however.

    If it was me I'd be asking my boss if I could park it IN the warehouse......
  19. sometimes you don't realise how lucky you, our building used to be a chemical plant and it still has the fire/bomb proof bunkers, 4mt x 6mt, lockable with 6" thick concrete walls.......... that's my work garage .. I even got a coat hook for my wets... :cool: :cool:
  20. Actually no. You have to have a dishonest intention with an intent to permanantly deprive. So if you have a fair enough reason, anyone can move your bike without your permission. :?