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Someone took my photo ...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by neirbo, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. Hi all. I decided on a quick ride this morning before I had to be at a concert at 2pm. Rode from the inner west (Sydney) out to Windsor then to Wisemans Ferry, along the river to Mt White and then onto the concert in Pymble. Fantastic day for riding! Anyway, at Calga, turning onto the old road, there was someone on the far (west) side taking photos, including of me, and then I notice there was a small ad sitting just of the left shoulder of the road, but I missed the web address it was for.

    Does anyone know what the site is? Do you know who it was taking the photos??

    I've tried searching NR forums for clues, and have done quite a number of google searches also, but no luck.

    If I'd know someone was going to take my photo I would done something with my hair.
  2. There is a guy who takes pics up on the old road, and I have corresponded with him via email about his techniques, etc. But iIve just searched my Outlook back to early July and i can't find the details, sorry...
  3. twas a new cleverly disguised speed camera.8-[

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  5. Well, no wonder he took your photo if you were riding without your helmet...

  6. Not to worry, its prolly just some pervert whos going to do disgusting things to your pic. Best you didn't do your hair because if they take a real liking to you they start following you home and trying to do perverted things to you in person.
    Btw, I thought your hair looked fine...
  7. am sure it was the guy from www.bikephoto.com.au
    go to the website and put in your details to view your nice lil action pic :)
  8. Similar thing happened to me, some guy took my picture as I was coming round the corner on Authur's Seat (VIC). No idea who it was, should've stopped to get the pic :LOL:
  9. Thanks Shadowarrior - that was the definately the site.... i have such a short term memory failure. (have Bookedmarked it for future reference!)