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Someone to ride with

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Scarfoot, Sep 11, 2015.

  1. Hi, I am travelling from Canada near the end of January and want to ride from Brisbane to Cairns. Would like to know if someone else is interested in also taking the trip. I would feel more comfortable with another bike kinda leading the way and keeping me on the left side of the road.

  2. Hi ScarfootScarfoot sounds like a great ride and you've picked a good time of the year weather wise and hopefully you can find someone to tag along if not maybe even meet several riders for company seeing that it's a long journey. My guess is that you'll be taking a few days for the trip to take in the sights and to break up the distance and refresh. What are you going to be riding ?.
    Anyway good luck with it and enjoy (y)
  3. Hi Andrew,
    Thanks for your reply. I will be riding a 2014 Goldwing F6. My concern is that I have been driving on the right side of the road for 47 years and am not sure how I will adapt to riding on the left. Looking forward to seeing your great country.
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  4. Best time to travel up through North Queensland is definately not cyclone season. :) It will at least rain every day between Brisbane and Cairns.

    Tourist season up that way is usually middle of the year. When it's cooler, less humid and no cyclones.
  5. While I agree it's not the best time of year to do it, don't let that stop you scarfoot. Just be prepared for the rain and high humidity and have a contingency plan.

    Cyclones move very slowly (10-20kph) until they hit land so you can always ride out of an area much quicker than they travel if you happen to be somewhere that a cyclone is predicted to hit in the next day or so. They also have been appearing later in the season over the last few years (feb-april), so I wouldn't cancel a trip of a lifetime because it might blow a bit.

    You won't have as many tourists to deal with as it's the off season.

    Do it!
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  6. Thank you for your comments. I will take this into consideration. Good to know.
  7. put an arrow on your speedo or tacho telling you stay left
  8. I'm not in a position to make the trip, but I'm in Brisbane. If you'd like to spend some time while you're here familiarising yourself with our roads and the rules for driving on the left I'd be happy to help. I'm currently recovering from knee surgery but expect to be back on the bike well before the end of January.
  9. Same goes for me if you have the time and want to have a look around the Sunshine Coast hinterland. FYI the Sunshine Coast is about 100klm north of Brisbane.
  10. I'm thinking draw a big tick on your left glove and a big cross on the right.
  11. I'm thinking don't worry about it............ until you see something big coming the other way.
  12. Love the humor. Thanks for the invites. I may take you up on it.
  13. In all honesty it was one of my concerns when I was working in the states even though I was in a cage. Yes early on it required extra caution and concentration but after a few days it was not a problem, just remember closest to the gutter/side of the road on my left hand side or bugger it and ride in the middle of the road. Don't sweat it you'll be fine.