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Someone tell me about iPhones?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TarmacSamurai, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. I'm very tempted by the sheer geekery of the iPhone, but is it really all that? Is an iPhone really like a web browser on your PC or laptop? Can you cruise the net just as easily (size notwithstanding)? Or is it all just gimmickry and not really worth it?

    What are the real pros and cons?
  2. I've heard the battery is fkn shit. Anyone care to elaborate?
  3. I've had mine for nearly 2 weeks, and for easability of web browsing , it beats the N95 I have been using.

    Battery life is crap, by lunchtime today , it was down to 1/4 charge.

    Think the new 3gs has better battery life, mine is 16gig 3g phone.
  4. Battery is non-replaceable, so, if the battery goes south you may as well throw the phone away. SERIOUS design/marketing defect.
  5. Same

    I'm handing mine to the wife and buying the 3G S

    It's not perfect, granted, but it comes very very very close.

    There are far more reasons to buy it than there are to not.

    Battery life is shit but you need a fair bit of power to run a screen that size maybe?

    I find battery life gets me through about 3/4 of the day if I turn off wi-fi and bluetooth and stop popping my mail.

    I use an FM modulator/charger as I drive around all day for a living but there is always a USB port handy somewhere to top it up.

    A 30 min charge is a decent enough top up to get you through the day.

    If you work in front of a computer, just keep it plugged in when you are at the desk.
  6. 1. An iPhone battery can be replaced -- just not by the user. It goes to an Apple dealer when needed.

    2. I have a 3GS 16gb -- my battery last about 4 days, depending on how much video/games I play.

    3. Yes, you can surf the Net just like using a computer.

    4. It is one of the most "instinctive" pieces of design I have ever used.

    5. Compared to my mate's, the new iPhone is much faster than the old one.

    6. They are hideously addictive -- and the most fun I've had in a long time without being on two wheels or horizontal.

    I was very resistant to buying one. I thought they were just wanker-toys for yuppy knob jockeys who had to have the latest and greatest to confirm their own self-importance.

    I was right :rofl: ... but I already wouldn't be without mine for quids.
  7. Guarantee you its no defect. Actually a very clever approach. For apple anyways. lol

    12mnths after purchase, battery dies, consumer needs to buy a whole new iPhone. As disgruntled as they may be about it, by then theyre total apple fanboys and wont want anything but the iPhone. So they cough up the dough for a new one.
  8. Probably 13 months after purchase. I'm guessing it has a 12 month guarantee!

    So the 3GS is a massive improvement on the 3G then? I don't mind recharging my phone every couple of days, but daily? Even before the end of the day? That's ridiculous...
  9. Rubbish you can get the battery replaced from apple.
    Cheaper than buying another phone.
    Agreed the battery life should be longer.
  10. Best phone I've owned bar none. Not because it makes a better phone, but because it is a better device. It means I don't have to carry around a PDA and a phone. It means I don't need to take an iPod around with me as well as a phone. It means I don't need to carry a laptop around with me if I head off somewhere and want net access and email access. We're talking decent USABLE net access. Net access on other phones and Blackberry's is woeful. It also means now I don't have to carry around a GPS in the car as well as a phone as turn by turn GPS navigation is now available for the iPhone.

    Battery life is poor in comparison to other phones, especially due to the fact that this is something you just end up using a lot. You find yourself picking it up all the time to do this, that, play games, check your mail. But adjust settings and you should have decent battery life for a full day of use. If I don't pick the thing up during the day to use it, I by and large still have full charge indicated by night. With a "normal" day of use, I don't have to charge it until night. And I have wifi and push mail on.

    To a large degree it is the applications available that makes it. Of course there is a large amount of crap on the app store - fart soundboards and crappy games, but you'd be surprised at the decent things available in addition to the normal calendaring/contact/email that syncs and fully supports push plus web access.

    As a sampling:

    - IceTV application - for remote programming of your IceTV enabled PVR
    - Pkt Weather - customisable BOM weather application
    - TramTracker - realtime tram information, either for trip planning or using your current location (obviously Melbourne specific)
    - Metlink application - train/bus/tram/vline timetables, location aware, trip planning
    - TripCase - Enter in your flight numbers for planning and monitoring trips, with real time terminal/gate information, flight status etc
    - ABC application - news/reviews/videos/radio
    - Now Playing - location aware cinema/movie/session time application

    plus stuff like

    - ebooks
    - instant messengers

    and of course games.

    The longer you have it, the more uses you can find for it.
  11. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist...
    and the greatest trick apple ever did was convincing everyone they are competent software/hardware developers!

    If you use your phone, .. for example;
    call your GF in the morning,
    txt a mate before lunch,
    web browse on your lunch break,
    txt another mate,
    check the time/date cos you forgot...

    Its about now you have to click the 'dismiss' 20% battery charge left warning.

    Safari browser constantly locks up (average every 4 pages loaded)
    and even though you have FULL 3G signal you have to turn off the phone
    and restart for the browser to access anything.
    Then you will access any news webpage, most of it missing as it doesn't
    support allot of plugins and you will select "featured video" in a related article you are trying to read.
    There is a picture of a quick time apple icon so you think it will load.

    Its about now you click 'dismiss' on the 'this video format is not supported'
    And you are left wondering why this fkn phone cost so much,
    why they have not included basic features we have enjoyed since before the 21st century on almost all browsers.

    The auto txt, like predictive txt but based on hitting the wrong key,
    for example you type f.u.c.k it will correct to duck
    to choose not to correct it you have to "tap" an area of the screen
    that would be no bigger then 2mm by 4mm.
    if you are older then 10 years then this is another
    frustrating "innovation" from apple.
    Also still no video ability.

    Its about now you wish you purchased a blackberry or HTC

    This fkn phone needs both hands, if your eating your lunch for example, you cannot receive a sms, pick up the phone in one hand and reply.. this is a small thing you would think but trust me, when things a cumbersome they are frustrating

    Itunes... first it crashed and deleted 30gb of my music catalog, then,
    during sync it erased all my contacts.
    Itunes support page rebooted my pc and when i
    contact them, they knew of these issues and sent me related articles.

    The first solution was to by a new cable.. I told them to get fkd,
    I was not going to purchase more from them to solve
    a problem I believed to be caused by them...
    It turned out there is a known problem supporting .wab contact details
    which I believe they have corrected since but my solution was to disable contact synchronization.

    My opinion,
    well I regret getting it, though some basic things have been good for
    my life (tide and weather charts apps) I hardly think it justifies
    the reputation this phone seems to have.
    If I had purchased a Sony I would have expentetially expanded
    my possibilities and still had access via web to weather and tide info.
    The MP3 abilities are also unfriendly, having to hold the phone upright
    to access forward and back track skipping is very frustrating.
    all in all its a prick of a thing and you can do better.
  12. yes. <---------uniformed opinion.
  13. Had mine for about 6 months. It impressed me so much I bought a 2nd one for the wife the next day. 2 people at work + a friend bought one soon after I showed them mine, they were so impressed.

    My battery generally lasts 3-4 days and I leave it on 24/7, use it for weather, facebook, webcams and other stuff, email and web surfing occasionally, games.

    IMO it is an awesome phone. Interface is so easy to use, touch screen is great. Absolutely love it.
  14. Interesting replies!

    What about coverage? With various carriers what kind of coverage have you found? What's it like outside 3G areas (I live in the country)?
  15. I made two calls on mine this morning, and MMS'ed my brother with a photo.
    Checked the weather forecast.
    Watched 20 min. of a movie at lunchtime.
    Used it as an iPod for about ... oh ... 15 - 20 min. this afternoon while working.
    Manually added two more Contacts.
    Browsed the App Store for a flight simulator. (Didn't download one though.)
    Rang my next door neighbour to see if we're doing beer tonight.
    Battery level now says 85%.

    Not outstanding, but not bad either.
  16. Telstra have the best coverage, however are the most expensive.

    That being said, I was in Tintaldra a few weeks ago, took my Next G phone along as I expected my Optus iPhone would have no coverage. Optus, full coverage, and Telstra none. lol Go figure.

    Best bet is to check coverage maps for your region.
  17. Spot on. I wanted the best coverage for Perth metro and WA south-west (as well as the best plan), so I went with Vodaphone ... and I have to admit I was a die-hard fan of Telstra up until this. But their plans sucked. Vodaphone (reportedly) has more towers in the S-W than Telstra, so ...
  18. I have a work WM6 and a 3G iPhone. I hate the WM device with a passion and before I got the iPhone I used to think they were awesome and ridiculed those with iPhones. 6mths with one and I find the WM device unbelievably crap. It isn't intuitive and the Samsung phone is clunky as a clunky thing.

    Before I got my 1st generation Nano I couldn't understand this whole Apple thing. Then I got the Nano, then a 2nd generation Nano before getting an Apple Touch. When my Palm Treo karked it at 18mths old, I dumped it, paid out the contract and moved to the iPhone.

    Battery performance isn't too bad and only a little worse then the Samsung. But it's so much nicer to use that penalty is hardly an issue. And mms? Used it a few times, but hardly a problem (none at all now with 3.0). The camera is the crappiest phone camera I've ever seen, but I have a proper camera for photos. It works ok as a snapper.

    The rest of the phone is simply so easy to use. Love it and can't imagine going back to a Windows device any time soon.

  19. :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
  20. I love Apple. I've had a mac for a few years now and will never go back to PC...


    The iPhone is possibly the stupidest device I've ever owned and was glad to hand it back to my boss upon leaving my job. Calls would drop out, caller ID never worked properly, internet was slow, and battery was almost as powerful as shoving a paperclip into a lemon.

    Having said that though, I am of the opinion that a phone is for making phone calls. The rest of the gimmicks are just irritating.