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Someone stole my registration sticker?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by slygrog, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    Someone seems to have stolen my registration sticker and holder. They kindly left me the bolt thing that was holding it in place though.

    I can't imagine what harm they could do to me with it but I'm just wondering:

    A) Can I use this other rego sticker the RTA sent me as my registration reminder notice? I originally received it a few days before a house move, so I packed it up and thought I'd lost it. I guess I requested a replacement when I actually paid the rego, so I sort of have this spare sticker floating around. I'm looking at it now and can't see any information on it that would ever change (there's no like, sticker-specific-number - it's all details about my bike), and so I am assuming it's fine. But I'd hate to accidentally use the wrong one and seem dodgy because of some secret braille-like sticker ID or something. You know. I am an anxious person, what can I say! :nopity:

    8) I am assuming I just replace the holder at MCAS or something? I've searched their online product catalogue but can only find super-powered chrome ones that I don't want. But it seems like the sort of thing they'd just have?

  2. a. ask RTA
    b. can stick label on screen if you want to, or buy another holder, supercheap sell them
    c. sum kunt who maybe stole a bike?? or has nuthin better to do..
  3. I am trying, but I can't get off hold! I need to be somewhere soon, stupid RTA :D
  4. they ARE SOOOO friggin slow. Patience grass hopper, you dont wanna get booked cause of some wanker did the wrong thing. And you know the cops, [you should know better blah blah] prevention is better then cure.
  5. Kmart/Target/Supercheap etc have the plain holders as cagers use them on trailers. They are cheaper than MCAS and you only need it till January.
  6. The bolt was still attached? No theif will undo a bolt take something and then put the bolt back on. Being polite like that kind of rules you out of being a theif.

    Was your sticker in one of those crappy plastic cases? They aren't very strong and depending where it is placed it could get kicked off or blown off by the wind, especially if it had a bit of sun dammage.
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  7. Use the spare sticker....it doesnt matter if it doesnt have the receipt no stamped on it as if u pay online u obviously dont get it run thru the RTA behind the counter (correct me if Im wrong).....just carry the rego papers with you.
    I would say ,as already mentioned,that its more than likely snapped off...those plastic holders get brittle over time....
    Get one of these from supercheap.....metal and I think from memory, were cheaper than the plastic ones.

  8. This won't be "popular" advice, but it's what I'd do in the circumstances...

    Given we're giving them up in 2013 anyway, I'd just leave it off.
    A lot of bikes (mine included) have them in an "illegal" tube container in an "illegal" mounting position anyway, without drama.
    Your "excuse" however, will be "WTF?! Some fucker has stolen my rego sticker, officer!"
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  9. good advice.
    other than stating OMG WTF !! repeatedly.
    deny everything.
  10. deny...act suprised.
  11. Wow, that's like trying to steal a mobile phone and taking the sim card only haha
  12. I don't think anyone stole it, i'm leaning towards it broke off.. if the bolt was still there,

    my rego label holder thingy broke today when i put my new rego sticker in and i went to bursons and got a new one ($3), they get brittle with the weather conditions and evidently it broke when i took it off.

    but as 87crisis said if you get pulled over in the meantime just act surprised if they point it out.. when they look up on the computer it will be registered etc.. so i don't think you'll get a fine, depends on the officer i suppose.
  13. Thing is though, if you get pulled for anything other than an RBT they will probably book you for whatever you did wrong + not having a rego sticker.

    Try to avoid breaking more then one rule at a time.
  14. I didn't like the way the rego sticker looked when I got my new bike recently and just took it off and put it under the seat. You'd have to pretty unlucky to get done for it being missing now that the law has changed. I'd be saying that you read in the newspaper you didnt need to display them any more.
  15. I only realised it was gone because a police car oddly trailed me on my way hone.

    I am pretty sure it was taken, actually. Just discovered two workmates had theirs disappear too!

  16. Er my police comment was meant to be like, "hey, the popo were pretty relaxed about it without even getting an excuse from me."
  17. You got trailed home because you ride a motorcycle.
    Or, your butt looks awesome riding a motorcycle...
    Or, a little of both.
    Welcome to the club/s...
  18. ditto.......:beer:
  19. You still need to display it until January the 1st.
  20. #20 smileedude, Aug 13, 2012
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    May have been kids ripping them off for kicks. Don't think there is much you can do with them if you knick one.

    What's wrong with kids these days. Badges make a much cooler trophy.