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Someone stickered my bike!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Davi5678, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. Parked my bike tonight outside the jam factory, went to see a movie, came back out and someone had put two Thor stickers on the tail!

    It felt like being raped by Jenna Jameson, I kind a felt violated, but at the same time, I'm not complaining...

    My boots and Knee armour are Thor, so I have no problem with the stickers, but I'm a little bit disconcerted about having some stranger messing with my bike.

    next time could someone please fit an aftermarket exhaust for that would be appreciated, cheers!, otherwise thanks but I'm happy with the bike as is.
  2. Have an idea who that person might be. Would say that they are appreciating you good taste. Take it as a compliment.
  3. I would see a very deep shade of red if that happened to me! OMG!! :shock:
  4. its probably the start of a big practical joke by your SWMBO/workmates/family/stalker. u'll get home tomorrow and you will have a hedge in the shape of the thor logo. :LOL:

    either that or somebody thought it was their bike and will be pissed off that somebody nicked the 2 thor stickers that they bought, put on the tail of their bike then left to go see a movie :p
  5. GOLD hehehe
  6. yeah I'm kinda pleased and amused, just a little disconcerted by it, I figured it was in jest, with good intentions, after all, they'e only stickers.

    What's really doing my head in is trying to figure out if someone is wandering around with stickers in their pocket, or whether they went home and got them especially! :shock:
  7. "either that or somebody thought it was their bike and will be pissed off that somebody nicked the 2 thor stickers that they bought, put on the tail of their bike then left to go see a movie"

    along with the rest of their bike....

    rotflmao! :LOL:
  8. maybe they are a rep for the company, and saw it as an opportunity for some free advertising...
  9. Are you sure you didn't park your bike down the road? :grin:
  10. oh shit, that's right, I ride a ninja, fcuk, what was I thinking...!

    Actually, my first thought was "someone with an identical bike has parked where I left my bike...and I don't know where my bike is ...(looks further up the road to see if my bike is there) followed by "I don't remember putting those stickers on my bike at all, I wonder if I should see a doctor or somat"

    still laughing about it now!
  11. back when I was on my Ps, someone put a smiley face in the bottom right of the P-plate. Naturally, I left it there.

  12. LOL

    I got a good chuckle from that as it's exactly the same thing i would think :LOL:
  13. one night at work i decided,for my own entertainment,to write the words 'i love c*#k' with my finger in the dirt on the back of a wormates car.
    sure enough he gets pulled over on the way home.cop says,"get out of the car and come with me".
    standing behind the car my mate freaks and goes into a frenzy trying to explain that he had no idea how it got there.
    cop says,"how are you supposed to see out of that filthy glass?".
    the cop told him to get it washed and off he went with no mention of the profanity written on the window.
    perhaps the cop was a bit partial to c*#k himself. :p

    if someone did that to my vehicle,i'd be pissed...
  14. Thief tag?
  15. maybe someone was just complimenting your sexy bike! lol :LOL:
  16. Send the distributor a monthly invoice for the advertising.
  17. Lucky they werent rjays our worse still H.D stickers :)
  18. Reminds me of the old joke... "I'm tho Thor I can't pith"
  19. was it you??
  20. No, his apvertising was the roadkill suction cupped to the windscreen lol :grin: