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someone should just blow up Indonesia

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by MT1, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. the kids what 14 years old ??!!
    a gram of pot.
    it's just ridiculous.
    what is wrong with those people. throw him in one of their jails for half a dozen years, that will be the rest of his life down the toilet. he's 14 ffs. he's just a baby. why is he still even over there ?
    when are we going to get a government here that looks out for it's citizens if they venture abroad.
    i just want to nuke that shithole. **** Bali.

  2. Indonesia has its own laws that its citizens and visitors must abide by.

    Drug use is a huge problem which can cause deaths, and can spur on other crimes.

    If that boy was dopey enough to buy/sell drugs in Indonesia then hes dopey enough to be locked up for a very long time.

    No sympathy!!!
  3. Looks a bit to cool for school to me,gang hand signs and stupid face book posts early on.
    Not much simpathy here either
  4. just a typical 14 year old.
    not denying he's been naughty and should get in trouble, but you don't think they're being just a bit harsh here ?
    just give him back his bong and send him home. make him clean his room or something.
  5. I place a fair bit of blame on the parents too. If he had a previous drup 'problem' then why on earth would you let him loose on the streets of one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

    People are warned time & time again with massive posters at the airport etc about drug offences.

    Getting the media involved is also a massive mistake. And expecting the Aus gov to just step in & bail him out is plain retarded. There's nothing Aus can do. If there was, then we wouldn't have Shapelle Corby, the Bali 9, or dozens of other dipshits in jail over there. Far as I'm concerned, they can keep 'em.
  6. I'm going to straddle the fence again. Previous posts all have a point.

    The way to get a culture that's a half century or a century behind to times to move forward and become more liberal and enlightened is not to get angry and threaten them. That just gets their backs up cements them in their position.

    We go there, we have an obligation to do things their way. We don't like their way - stay home. It's their place.

    The kid is a spoilt brat who's not smart enough to realise that things don't work the same way in other parts of the world. He's learning about that the hard way.

    I don't know but I hear there's a regular sting that goes on with foreign tourists where they'll sell them a joint or a tiny little deal and then attempt to blackmail them for ridiculous money. If I understand it correctly this guy virtually gave the kid a number and then demanded like a thousand bucks to keep quiet. Kid told him F off. The rest is history.

    You have a big problem when the government puts heavy handed laws in about something that everybody does. They can't jail everybody, but they can pick and chose who to jail.
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    Yet we lock up Indonesian and other children indefinately because their perants tried to seek asylum....
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    Technically not correct, their parents tried to enter Australia illegally, try doing that in Indonesia and see how you are treated...

    p.s. no sympathy, I rate the kid up there with that Corey prick from Narre Warren.. although I reckon his dumb arse parents should do the time with him for being complete dicks.
  9. Are we that different here? Many Australians bang on about how we need to be tougher on juvenile offenders.
  10. Why isn't the dealer in the news? Where's his arrest report?
  11. Kinda right - it's legal to enter Australia for the purposes of seeking asylum.

    Fair points.
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    Not saying its necessarily the wrong action, just I have a hell of alot more sympathy for the kids in mandatory detention then this kid in bali.
  13. If only he thought to slip his arresting officer a 50 he probably wouldn't be there.

  14. there are some 14 year olds here I'd like to send to Indonesia for some punitive action, the spoilt shits we see here and their equally idiotic parents are what are ruining this country.
  15. Scary teach :eek:
  16. I suspect exactly this. I think this is what the Corby thing was about too. Persons in authority looking for a backhander and the victim not being astute enough to pick up on it.

    Here the cops went looking for some money and have ended up embarrassing their own system. I can imagine there are a lot of people in Indonesia that want this to go away.
  17. Bring back corporal punishment I say - if the parents won't discipline their kids or display some values themselves as an example, Smee should be able to send them home with sore knuckles...
    FFS, you're not even allowed to give a kid a withering stare these days, lest you hurt their feelings.

    But you gotta feel for the kid in Indonesia. The whole thing is a circus - has anyone else noticed they've got him dressed up like Michael Frigging Jackson?
    And at the same time Bashir and Idris are back on the telly, parading their freedom around the bomb site? Hmmm, I'd almost bet they'll execute one of the Bali Nine any day now...
  18. Because it was a police sting designed to entrap tourists for fun and profit?

    No sympathy for any adult who is stupid enough to get caught, but in this case they've targeted a child, FFS.

    Mind you, if he does get out of this, he might have learned something that he obviously hasn't learned from his parents...
  19. Yes, only other countries do unjust things. Let's blow them all up. Serves them right for being a harsher country than us. The gall!
  20. Yeah lets blow them up! That'll teach them to have harsh penalties and laws, we want bullshit laws across the globe like Australia! Lets **** and pillage every continent!