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Someone please tell me it isn't so.......

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by lunatic_luke, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. How can I fantasize about her now...... :(

    source http://europe.real.com/guide/bang/2/9235.html
  2. yep you posted the most useless information for today...

  3. i want to be a professional baseballer... and 2.5 years and she dumps him for not proposing, pfft

    id still tap it though
  4. So, where's my prize?
  5. According to Wikipedia, the drug can also be used for the prevention of CMV disease following organ transplantation. Don't think about Herpes, block it out of your mind. She had a kidney transplant... I think... Didn't she?

  6. [​IMG]

    lol... no really there is no prize i made it up...
  7. [​IMG]
  8. :LOL: nice luke i think we have just started the next image association thread!!! :wink:
  9. errr.............ok

  10. She could have gonnorhea, herpes, hepatitis, syphillis, crabs, chancres and a cottage-cheese like discharge and I would still hit it like the fist of an angry God.

  11. Loz, you would root a rolling doughnut
  12. common guys, this is a serious and juicy topic.

    i promise you there are nrs with it.

    i dated a guy with it [im in the clear thank God! used condom but still had all the blood tests] but in those 2 weeks when i didnt know i was really shaken up. i found out if you ever do get it from a person who has been diagnosed you can charge them with malice which has a 20 year prison sentance attached.

    that guy is very lucky i didnt catch it cause some dont have any idea when it comes to me.

    you just dont fcuk with the stump.

    stump knows the dif between right and wrong, although she is understanding and friendly, she has a justice streak in her the size of, oh i duno, lets just say she has a lot of free time to dedicate to these things.

    cheers :cool:
  13. off topic. loz thats a hillarious pic. just burst out laughing at work .... really innapropriate :LOL:
  14. Is that because you have most of them anyway??? :p
  15. Alba tokin' the reefer...

  16. oh WTF!? sum1 started image asso #2, and didn't tell me!?!?