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Someone please help remove my front sprocket

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by disassembled, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. Uh, well I can't undo the bolt which fastens my front sprocket. I'm not even quite sure if it's a left or right handed thread (assume left).

    I checked the correct torque setting, and I should be able to undo it quite easily based on that, but it won't budge.

    Also, how should i be trying? Bike in gear, rear brake on, rear wheel on ground with someone on the bike? With the bike in gear, i'm just turning the engine over against it's compression...

    Anyway, please help me, someone!

  2. Can't help you with thread direction I'm afraid, although I don't remember any of my chain-drive bikes having anything other than a normal, right-hand thread. If there's any thread exposed on the shaft, you should be able to see which way it leans and, with a bit of thought, work out which way it goes.

    As far as locking the thing goes, having someone sitting on the bike with the back brake on might do the trick.

    If the brake won't hold it, my method of last resort (on cast ally wheeled bikes) was to stick a length of 2x4 or a pick handle through the spokes and let it bear on the swing arm. Lots of rags carefully positioned will save the finish.

    Good luck.

    PS. If you've a mate with a compressor and a rattle gun, that should work well too.
  3. You will need a rattle gun. Or another person to stand on the back brake while you use a huge breaker bar.

    Good luck.
  4. Got it!

    Got the wench to sit on the bike and hold the rear brake, while I used a huge breaker bar to loosen it up. Nice loud crack when the bond broke.

    Now... To re torque the new one. :)

    Thanks guys!
  5. One grunt, one groan plus two elbow clicks will be more than enough :wink: