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Someone nicked my lid

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Rip, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. My garage was broken in to last night. The thieves looked past two motorcycles, a couple of bicycles and a bunch of power tools and made off with my old, scratched up helmet that smells of feet.

    What the fuck.

    That is all.

  2. Maybe they like feet?
  3. logan ????
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  4. It's those damn changes to Helmet laws https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=126647
    Old crappy helmets are the only legal helmets left.
    Hordes of bikers will now raid garages stealing ancient smelly helmets in a crime spree of unprecedented proportions.

    Or I'm talking out my ass and that's one very bizarre robbery.
    One of the two.
  5. I had someone try to pull my helmet off the helmet lock on the side of my bike at Byron Bay last weekend. Bent the metal a little bit but it still works. I think I will keep my bike parked with eye sight from now on instead of going for a swim.
  6. Sounds like a druggy B&E. You can probably get more for a helmet than a drill or similar. Problem is, they know what you have now, so they might start querying a shopping list and see what it might be worth selling.

    Beef up your security NOW.

    ...if not a druggy B&E, then it was a foot fetishist... they're gonna come back for your work boots next! lol
  7. See, i thought it was supposed to go on your *head*. No wonder people always look at me strangely.
  8. maybe they are aspiring riders.........you know the type, acquire gear first then get the bike lol.

    get a big hungry guard dog and a bunch of killer kittens :).........................
  9. Well there you go. Hopefully you're insured and the insurance company will pay for a nice, better smelling one. LOL
  10. I did it - I was trying to drum up new sales :)
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  11. Assuming he had insurance and they will pay for him to buy one of your new helmets it's a win-win for both parties
  12. pop down to your local cash converters and buy em back today
  13. People would really claim a helmet on insurance? My excess would cover a premium brand by itself.

    heading out towards Ipswich...
  14. the same thing happened to me ! only they weren't smelly old helmets, they were pretty decent, rossi replica and ben spies replica :( i was gutted
  15. Hi,

    Slight hijack, Tak is there somewhere in Melb that I can try on one of your lids? Got an odd shapped head so need to try rather than trust sizing charts.

    Cheers, Jeremy

    PS can you also let us know how you are going with the new gloves, will be after a black and red set.
  16. Get onto Alex, i cant remember his NR profile, but he's takamii's melb supplier.

    Motorcycle Race Gear
    By Appointment Only:
    Rowville, Victoria 3178
    Telephone [03] 9764 1670
    Mobile 0403 697 472

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  17. ahhh cool beans i had the same kinda thing happen to me when i was in the logan area some clown broke in and only stole a fish tank pump ... yeh i know random right