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Someone make this. Go aaawn!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by van, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. A motorcycle helmet with a Bluetooth earpiece and microphone capable of use with a mobile phone and with a portable music player. While you're at it, I'd also require a heads-up display on my visor and easily accessible controls (for use with gloves on, and all-weather durability) on either the helmet itself, or on a velcro strap I can wear on the arm of my jacket. Get to it!

    All, of course, with the proviso that both the earpiece and the heads-up display must be easily enabled and disabled so that pressure moments aren't hindered by the distraction that these two functions could cause while activated.

    Get on it! :wink:

  2. The Nolan N102 doesn't have the heads up display but the other stuff is on the options list.
  3. Van, I'll put an order in for that too please. Must be light weight and very little wind noise and take my KBC visors as well. Would be good if would bark instructions at me when I screw up my corner entry as well.
  4. That's a fine bit of helmet right there!
  5. Very very nice.
  6. Sell the bike and buy a car...... :roll: if your willing to give up listening to the sound the bike, or more than happy to be interrupted by mobile freekin phone calls when you should be concentrating on taking the right line you've got the wrong mode of transport.

    Heads up display ..... pfffft! another distraction...... :roll:
  7. that beema helmet looks umm... choice bro... and other such terms...

    personally... i want a built in umbrella on my helmet... just so when i stop at the lights, i can flick up the umbrella... so i'm not sitting in the rain... it'd retract automatically once i start accelerating too...

    but that's my dream :p

    the intercom between co-rider and rider... yes... music... maybe...
    but phone calls? urgh, no thanks! i ride to get away from that...
  8. Nah, the HUD would be a great Idea. How easy is it to monitor vital readouts on HALO hmm? :p I'd love not to have to look down constantly to make sure I'm not going to feed government coffers. Hell, market it as an anti-speeding device and you'd probably get import exemptions / tax breaks lol :LOL:
  9. Why stop there?? - Also machine guns to stop dumb drivers and speed cameras, A juice dispenser, Automatic rain-seneing wipers, somewhere to put a comb, A 1 peice racing suit that retracts into the helmet when you don't need it, a videophone linked into the HUD, helicopter rotors so you don't have to lane split anymore, Some sort of self cleaning function, LCD outer shell so you can have moving decals on the outside instead of just one sticker design... Or am I just getting ridiculous...?
  10. LOL, I like your ideas - if you build it, I'll buy it, that's a promise.

    But the HUD (heads-up display) is in fact a solid idea, as shown by its wide application in military planes. It is valuable for fighter pilots to be able to take readings of their instruments without taking the eyes off their environment, and what holds true in combat also applies in that truly deadly environment - our roads.

    Bluetooth on the other hand is of no value except as distraction! I am dead set against using it to pipe-in the mobile calls, I'm not too crazy about playing music while on the move and although I can see some value in providing rider to pillon communication, it's not something I'd consider important... though I suppose it could be for those doing interstate trips two-up.
  11. I want the REEVU helmet, that thing is a brilliant idea.