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NSW Someone knocked my bike over

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Steve Vtec, May 18, 2016.

  1. So I have a question that requires I waffle on a little to give context. I live in NSW and have a comprehensive insurance policy on my 2005 vtr1000f. Today some sub human reversed into my bike and knocked it over (so I'm told by the barber I had parked out the front of). He said that a man ran over to the woman who did it and they spoke for a few minutes, and he thought that the man was the owner of the bike so didn't take any details. I asked a few of the shops on the street and none of them had anything useful for me. Tomorrow afternoon I'll go and see if there's any cctv footage available but I had a look around at the time and I'm not hopeful.

    Anyway, there's a pile of cosmetic damage. Scratch on right exhaust. Scratch on rhs engine cover. Right bar end scratched. Brake lever scratched. Brake pedal scratched. Front fairing scratched. Front left mirror scratched (I assume this is from the car hitting it) and front right mirror has a big gouge out the back of it.

    There's some more annoying damage as well - the front right indicator is in pieces. I had to tape it together, luckily it still works. On top of being scratched the brake pedal is bent in and now I have to point my foot inwards to use it, and more worryingly the throttle tube seems bent or kinked or something from the bar end hitting the ground because when I open the throttle it won't spring closed. I rode the bike around the block to see if it was safe to ride home and it was rideable, but it's utterly terrifying when the throttle sticks like that.

    My question is insurance related, and what I would like to know is this: if I make a claim to get everything repaired and get the cosmetic damage seen to, will it be an "at fault" claim as I don't know who did the damage and am unable to provide details? I am paying through the teeth for insurance on this bike and I don't want costs to go up any further...
  2. yes - if you lodge a claim for accident damage/repairs and do not identify the at-fault party then it will be recorded against you and will probably impact on your NCB and future premium costs, as well as making you answer 'yes' to the question have you had any at-fault claims in the last 3 (or 5) years. I would strongly recommend you consult your insurer prior to submitting a claim, at the very least find the PDS (Product Disclosure Statement) and read the fine print.

    if you want to put a crew of revenge-seeking angry bikers together to mete out some old-school justice then I'm up for it

    edit: sorry to hear about this incident Steve VtecSteve Vtec, didn't you also have a leaky master cylinder a few days ago as well? it's not your time mate, I hope things improve for you!
  3. What chilliman64chilliman64 said.

    A non-recoverable claim is treated the same way as an at-fault claim. In both types, the insurer is not able to recover their costs from anyone. Even a recoverable claim has an impact on premiums, though not to the same extent as an at-fault or non-recoverable.

    It will, unless you find an insurer who is able to charge less. The best option is to always pay for repairs yourself when you can. Lodge a claim when costs are substantial.

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  4. Will give insurer a call now and see what they have to say. Thanks for rapid response fellas
  5. Could you get a statement from the barber to support your claim? oh and maybe there is CTV?

    As for the sticky throttle ... wowzers :dead: but it does make you super alert from the adrenaline rush as you ride home :nailbiting:
  6. Had a look around and not hopeful for cctv but will ask tomorrow after work at surrounding shops... I parked so far away from the car, the deadshït who did this should have their licence torn up irrevocably...
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  7. Yeah ... so upsetting and maddening :cry:

    Oh well it means the scratches are a part of the personality of your bike ... the story of your relationship.
    It also means you can forget being scared of scratching bits and hook in hard on the skill development without being worried about scratches :whistle:
  8. Yeah it's not the scratches I'm upset about, it's the principle. Well, I'm upset about the scratches too. But seriously, how can someone do that and just run away. I am praying for some available CCTV footage so that my insurance company can hunt down the putrid human involved and sting them for the lot.

    In any case, if I can't find out who it was it will be considered an "at fault" claim, regardless of the fact that it wasn't actually my fault.

    I am so exhausted, I hate worrying about this shït :-S
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  9. Your bike will be a total loss of you claim on your policy. Your premium will suffer considerably. There are many
    Old VTR1000 being wrecked, and depending on your excess it may be cheaper to wear the costs, as crap as that is.
    If you have an agreed value policy and its value is favourable, it may be a good opportunity to rid yourself of the bike for an upgrade.
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  10. sorry to hear Steve VtecSteve Vtec, the stupid biatch definitely needs her licence torn up.

    Hope you get good news on the CCTV front
  11. I always try to park away from parked cars, seen too many bikes knocked over when I used to live above a bike parking spot in St Leonards.
    Just repair it yourself mate, will be cheaper than your insurance premium, take a trip out to wreckers one weekend and get all the parts you need, or just go on ebay. As to brake lever, jam a long screw driver between the pedal and frame and bend it back, or a pair of large pliers the plumbers use (forget name).
  12. Stillsons wrench maybe. I thought about that, but it's an alloy brake pedal and I'm worried it'll snap.

    Also if I can get the number plate of the car in question tomorrow when I hunt around for cctv footage I will absolutely be making a claim and will gouge every cent of damage from this poor excuse for a human. Maybe i'd be a little less harsh if they left a note but I am not letting this go if I can help it. I'm disgusted that people think they can get away with shït like this.

    Excess is $650. No claim bonus will go down from 60% to 55%. Policy price will not be affected, but any NEW policy I open, and I'm just about due for a new green slip on the firestorm ;-( will be affected because I'll have to answer "yes" when it asks if I've made an at fault claim.

    It just shïts me because I pay so much money for insurance and then it's almost not worth me using it. Sometimes I just think what's the bloody point if it's too expensive to have the policy and claim on it...
  13. Actually maybe you meant multi grips
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  14. yes mate we are all in the same boat. the lower premiums often mean a higher excess. roughly how much are the repairs to cost you? if a grand or more then make a claim otherwise recommend you pay out of your own pocket - either way it hurts you but that unfortunately is insurance.
  15. Did you ask the barber about a description of the car or if he knew that man that ran over? Maybe he could give you some info.
  16. Damn, Steve, that such a lovely bike....
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  17. Yeah sounds about right. Alloy pedal shouldn't snap as long as you don't bend it too many times. I bought a dropped bike once for a good price and was able to bend the pedal before I rode it home from owners house. Just need a good grip.
    My mechanic then bent out the gear lever. Insurance is great if you hit someone or your bike gets stolen. For anything else like a low speed drop I would just take on the chin.
    Fairings are cheap enough and as long as you don't crack the engine casing bike can be repaired on the cheap.
  18. I could do all the repairs myself, but it would be much more satisfying to claim the damage and have the idiot who didn't leave a note pay for everything. Obviously if I do it myself it won't be as good. If I can find CCTV footage I am absolutely making a claim. I really want it looking how it was before. New side mirrors, new indicators, new levers, new bar ends, repair/replace throttle tube, new brake pedal, sort out muffler (may buff out, may not... will have to see), repair and respray fairing, and fix the ding on the engine cover. I'm not exactly sure how you'd do that, it's a beautiful golden alloy colour and it's got a chunk missing and silver showing now.

    Ugh. I've been stewing over this for hours now. I might just put myself to bed tonight and rethink things tomorrow. Humanity is a shïthead today. Hopefully tomorrows better.
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  19. BugzR34BugzR34 my problem with that is that a cheaply repaired bike looks...well, cheap. It didn't look cheap this morning, then some deadshït knocked it over. I don't want to have to pay out of my own pocket for someone else's fcuk up, to have a cheap looking bike. It was beautiful. I want it beautiful again. Might just have to claim it. I'll get a few quotes tomorrow anyway. After I chase up the CCTV if it exists. I would happily pay an excess to have this thief chased down and billed.

    arc87arc87 the barber didn't get any info as he thought the bloke that approached the woman was the owner of the bike and they were talking it out, so he stayed out of it. He was very friendly but didn't have any information I could really use. He described the incident to me, said she backed into it, knocked it over, ran out on to the road to grab the broken indicator and sat it on the seat when the bike was back up, waited for a few minutes and then bailed. During that time a bloke came and spoke with her, maybe helped her pick the bike up, not sure, but that's all he could tell me. He didn't take the plate number or anything because he thought the guy owned the bike and they were sorting it out.
  20. sorry to hear mate
    even with ctv i doubt it will get her number plate
    just go around the area and key all the cars for a couple of weeks
    anyways just drink heaps tonight and get revenge tomorrow
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